If I were to ask you what kind of content your dental practice marketing plan should include, “photos of myself” probably wouldn’t be the first thing out of your mouth. You might not even think it’s worth listing at all. So many dentists think marketing their practice has very little to do with who they are as a person. However, what may be missing from your marketing — and what could very well be standing in the way of the growth you want to see — is that personal touch.

People are drawn to the people they know, like, and trust. Because you can’t physically get out and meet every potential patient, social media is your primary way to do this! So, rather than thinking it’s a little vain to share a photo of yourself, think of it as a way to connect with other humans who want to know more about you. Content creation sessions are a great way to get tons of unique branded content you can use as part of your digital marketing strategy!

How Unique Branded Content Leads to More Conversions

Think about it; if you were to refer a friend to your doctor or chiropractor or fitness trainer, you wouldn’t just talk about their top-of-the-line equipment or their techniques. You would probably talk about how that person makes you feel, and what makes them different from other people you’ve seen in the past. You’d talk about the real human things about them that make them special.

Unique branded content helps highlight your personality, style, and approach to life and business. It is so important to included content like this into your overall dental practice marketing plan because without it, you’re just another business. When you showcase who you are as a person, people are going to take notice and start talking to you, getting to know you better, and listening to what else you have to say. It doesn’t take much to turn an Instagram scroller into an actual patient when you take the time to make a real connection.

So What Exactly is a Content Creation Session?

We specialize in completely customized content creation sessions, and we have a blast doing it. Our Socialite package is ideal for those wanting to really kickstart (or overhaul) their dental practice marketing. We’ll spend a full day together in Chicago, snapping photos in front of stunning murals and cool backdrops that we’ll scout and coordinate beforehand. We’ll go shopping for props that speak to your brand and personality, and our team of professional photographers and videographers will make sure you get the highest quality content possible. We even have professional hair and makeup artists on hand as well as a professional stylist to help you select the perfect outfits to wear!

We take the time to get to know you and your practice beforehand so we can prepare and come into the content creation session with specific goals that make sense for your marketing strategy. We’ll give you so many amazing content and advertising ideas, you’ll return to your dental practice feeling energized and eager to implement everything you’ve learned.

Every content creation session begins with a consultation call where you’ll get a chance to talk to Dr. Emery about your specific goals, and you can go over anything that’s been standing in your way when it comes to your dental practice marketing strategy. To set up a call and learn more about how a content creation session can benefit your practice, just shoot us a message!


Long gone are the days of radio promotions and newspaper advertisements. Our world has gotten much more visual and as a result, we have to focus so much energy on making our practices look good. Even though you aren’t selling a visual product, your imagery has to be polished and professional. This can be really hard for dental professionals that don’t have a background in photography or graphic design!

No matter what your branding looks like, you need great imagery to entice people and build trust. If you’ve been getting by with iPhone shots that are getting lost in a sea of expert photography, it’s time to think about a visual brand makeover. You don’t have to do a full re-brand, but investing in a few visual elements can really go a long way when it comes to standing out online and even being able to attract the kinds of patients you want to serve.

The All-Important Logo

Your logo. If thinking about it gives you a mild case of the hives, it’s probably time to give it a little attention. There are so many DIY logos out there, some good and some not-so-good. Templates make it so easy for anyone to whip up a logo in minutes, but there’s something to be said about a professionally designed logo. You can almost always tell the difference.

The logo for your dental practice is something that you should invest in. Please avoid hiring someone from Fiverr or looking for the cheapest option on the message boards. A great logo takes time, and a good designer should get paid a fair price for their time and experience. This is something that you’re going to use constantly, and for a long time, so spending a little bit of money on it just makes sense. Work with someone whose work you love and be sure to let them know what you like. This will cut down on the back and forth and the expensive revisions that sometimes come when you don’t have clear communication with your designer.

Your Fonts and Colors

In a recent blog post, we talked all about color psychology when it comes to branding and social media images. If you’re creating a new practice or re-branding an existing one, be sure to think about the colors you’re using and the psychology behind them. You may need to do a visual brand makeover – focusing especially on the color scheme – in order to attract the right people and communicate your messaging in the most effective way possible.

Similarly, the fonts you use help tell the story of your dental practice. If you haven’t given much thought to your font choice, chances are you’re not sticking with one or two fonts. Using too many different fonts can make your branding look sloppy and confusing. The key with effective visual branding is consistency and uniformity. You might think people will get bored of seeing the same thing all the time, but the truth is, there are lots of things vying for people’s attention. You’ll see it more than anyone else, and the trust you build with your consistent visual style will help people a) instantly recognize you in a crowded market and b) instantly know who you are and what you’re about.

The Content You Share

The images you share online matters when it comes to your visual branding. This is why it is so important to have a digital marketing strategy. Make a list of a handful of content “categories” that represent you and your brand. When you map out a month’s worth of social media content (yes, you should be doing this) you will simply rotate between the content categories. This will create a mix that is both fresh and cohesive for your brand.

For example, at my dental practice, we share images featuring our team, funny or inspirational quotes related to dentistry, graphics of smiles and lips, and images of candy. We love rotating between these categories and by doing so, we’re always telling our unique story. People expect to see this content from us, and when they see something on their feed that fits into one of these categories, they think of us. It’s all about brand recognition!

We love to create libraries of styled stock photography that dental practices and other small businesses can use to promote themselves online. That’s why we created Soiree Stock, our sister business. We created numerous libraries of gorgeous photos, and we’re always adding new content to keep things fresh. If you are thinking about a visual brand makeover, check out our membership options and save yourself some time and energy on your social media marketing.

If you’re serious about your visual branding, we also offer a custom branded photography option. We can use your products, brand, logo, and preferred props to create photography that’s fully customized just for your practice. No more struggling to take photos yourself or hiring an expensive photographer every time you need new images. Our team can get you everything you need to have a polished and professional presence online!


People are often so surprised to find out that Snapchat is my favorite platform for my business. Most people just don’t think of it as a business app, but it totally is! Not only is it a great way to give people a glimpse into your day, it’s super fun, engaging, and it disrupts the norm… which is my mission as a digital marketer. If you’re not using Snapchat for business, I’m here to convince you to start today!

No, It’s Not Just For Teenagers

It’s so funny, when I posted about Snapchat recently on my Instagram page, someone commented that they’re not “allowed on Snapchat” according to their teenager. Ha! Well, let me be the first to tell you that Snapchat is not just for teenagers. They might be mortified for a moment when you set up an account but they’ll get over it.

Snapchat For Business?

So many businesses and brands are using Snapchat these days. Not only can you advertise on the app just as well as you can on any other social media platform, you can really build relationships with people. It feels more one-on-one than Instagram or Facebook does. Even though your snap goes out to everyone you’re connected with, when someone watches it, they really feel like it’s just between you and them.

Whenever you open up a new line of communication between yourself and your patients, it helps them feel more connected to the practice. If they have a question or a dental situation arises and they’re in need of an expert opinion, they can reach out to you on social media. Trust me, this is not bothersome. Instead, it is a great way to grow your reputation and show patients you care.

Get Ready to Master Snapchat!

We’re going to be doing a Snapchat challenge pretty soon, similar to the Instagram challenge we just wrapped up for dentists last month. If you want to dive headfirst into the world of Snapchat, this is a perfect opportunity! Head to this page for more details on the challenge, and stay tuned for updates on our upcoming “Snapchat for Dentists” course that we’re launching!

If you missed out on The Instagram Suite course, it’s still available for download. In this straightforward video course, we teach you everything you need to know about Instagram for business. You can check it out here!


Did you know there’s a science behind how you feel when you see certain colors? Psychologists have known about this for decades and great marketers and advertisers have been taking advantage of this knowledge for just as long. These days, digital marketers tap into color psychology when it comes to designing social media images. Just think about it… if a certain color makes you feel happy or evokes trust, brands are going to use those colors to try to get you to buy their products or services.

If you’re an entrepreneur trying to figure out how to get more conversions on social media, maybe you’ve been thinking about the colors that you use in your imagery. Choosing social media images that are not only pleasing to the eye but also stand out in the very busy, very crowded social media landscape isn’t easy. Using every tool in your arsenal, even psychology, is just smart business.

The Basics Behind Color Psychology

It’s important to understand that choosing a certain color for your social media images isn’t going to guarantee more sales. It’s more subtle than that. However, certain colors do evoke certain feelings or connotations. For example, green is often used by people in the wellness industry because there’s a strong connection between the color and health. Think of brands like Whole Foods, The Body Shop, Subway, and Green Giant.

Red generally connotes excitement and energy. Think of brands like Nintendo, Coca-Cola, LEGO, and Target. These are all brands trying to capitalize on the feeling of fun. Blue is the color of trust and dependability, and brands like American Express, Walmart, Facebook, and GE are all definitely trying to evoke those feelings with their brand colors.

Research has found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone. While there are no clear cut rules about what color to use for a certain company or situation, playing on the general feelings that go with each color can definitely give you an advantage when it comes to attracting the right people and getting them in the preferred mindset to make a purchase.

Choosing Social Media Images That Work

When it comes to choosing social media images for your brand, you want to be sure that the colors in the images match your already established brand. You don’t want to confuse your followers by all of a sudden switching from mostly dark, moody images to bright pink images without any explanation.

If you’re thinking about a rebrand or if you’re launching a new company, give some serious thought as to what the colors you want to use will communicate to your target audience. We recommend this guide if you want to learn more about the psychology behind different colors.

Our sister business, Soiree Stock, specializes in creating a wide range of styled stock photography, from dark moody images to light, feminine ones (and everything in between). You’ll be able to find dozens of images at any given time in your preferred color scheme, and we add at least 50 brand new images on the first of every month. You’ll always have a large library to choose from for your social media campaigns. Want to learn more about becoming a member? Visit the membership page to learn about our monthly or discounted yearly options!


Digital marketing is evolving faster than ever before, and probably the biggest trend that we see happening across all social media platforms is the shift to video. Not only that, websites that feature videography over still images perform better. One-third of our time online is spent watching videos, and we think that number is just going to keep growing as we get busier and have less time to read long-form copy.

It’s never been easier to show a little glimpse of what happens behind-the-scenes at your business. All you have to do is hop on Facebook or Instagram live! Users love this kind of content and the more regularly you do it, the better results you’ll see.

However, videography doesn’t stop there. Have you considered creating a brand video for your website? This can be a 1-2 minute video that explains who you are, what you’re passionate about, and how you can help your visitor solve a problem.

The Value of Videography for SEO

A professionally created website video can help people quickly understand you, but it can also greatly benefit your SEO (search engine optimization). This determines where your website shows up in a Google search when someone searches for your services. According to socialmediatoday, adding a video to your website can increase your chances of ranking on the first page of Google by 53 times. That’s insane! We wrote a blog post a while back on why SEO matters for dentists. You can click here to read it.

Adding videos to your digital marketing strategy will get you more shares, more likes, more traffic, and more conversions than not having videos. However, quality matters. A lot. A shaky video with poor sound quality and no editing will not do as well as a professional video. It’s one of those things that’s worth the investment, and once you have a great video, you can use it everywhere for years. It’s well worth it, and considering the digital marketing trends we’re seeing, one that you’re probably better off making sooner rather than later.

Great videos don’t have to be forced, stiff, or overly formal. Remember your audience and the platform you’re sharing your videos on. People are on social media to have fun (for the most part) so your video should fit right in. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being sold to, and they certainly don’t want to feel bored. Showcase your fun personality and your excitement, and you’ll be sure to get that engagement you’re looking for on your video.

Check out our brand video below!

We strongly believe there is no better way to tell your story than using your own voice. Custom dental videography does just that and more. We love helping dentists tell stories and speak to their perfect patient through videography.

Our Socialite package includes custom videography with full hair and makeup! It is such a fun day, and we have a blast making these videos for our clients. We also provide photography, branding, a whole new website and a social media strategy that you can start executing right away. To learn more about this package, click here. If you have questions about our videography services, or anything else we offer at Dental Soiree, feel free to contact us. We would love to see what we can do to help your dental practice grow!


Are you struggling to create enough imagery to share online? Do you feel your photos could look a little more polished? Maybe you’re taking dozens of shots just to get one that you’re happy with. Don’t get down on yourself! People spend years learning photography, and even then, it still takes a lot of time. While having professional-looking social media and blog images is important, so is everything else you have to get done!

Photography isn’t just useful for Instagram, you need imagery for everything! When you write a new blog, you need a photo to attach when it streams on Pinterest or Facebook so people want to click through. You need polished cover photos for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. There are so many ways to use imagery to market yourself online, but so often we miss the opportunity.

Whether you want to DIY your imagery or let someone else do all of the work, it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. If you want to DIY it, start with these four tips to elevate your game with minimal effort or extra time!

#1 – Understand Your Lighting

This is especially important when it comes to photographing people (ahm, selfies). When light shines directly on your subject (frontlighting), it’s going to minimize texture. Skin is going to look more flawless and imperfections are going to be less obvious with this kind of lighting. This is why most YouTubers sit in front of a ring light!

It’s also important to understand that different lights have different color temperature. In the morning, sunlight is warmer than it is midday. Different light bulbs create different hues, and anything the light bounces off of can impact the overall effect. If you have a digital camera, you can adjust this with your white-balance control, or if you’re good with photo editing software, you can touch it up later.

#2 – The White Foam Board Trick

Clean, minimal images are everywhere these days, and you might be wondering how to make your own. There’s a very inexpensive tool that can help: a piece of white foam board. It usually only costs a few dollars, and you can find it at Target or Hobby Lobby.

To create the perfect flatlay, open a window where lots of natural light is shining in. Lay your foam board on the ground where it’s sunniest, and position your props on the board. Then, grab a chair or step stool and shoot from directly above. Try to position yourself over the center of your image (you can always edit later, but it’s much easier if you can get it with your camera). You’ll probably want to adjust brightness to get closer to a true white, but with this trick, you’ll be making your own stylish images in no time.

#3 – Add Some Text

Images can be so much more effective with a bit of text. Free online tools like Canva make it super easy, but there are a lot of other programs and apps out there as well.

If you’re sharing a blog post or freebie online, put your pitch and website URL or social handle right on the image. That image is going to be shared, sometimes without the caption or even your name attached, so you still want people to be able to find you and find your offer.

Make sure you use fonts that are consistent with your branding and that work with the image. You may want to put a semi-transparent overlay on part of your image, then layer the text on top of that. It can make your message easier to read, especially if the photo has both light and dark colors.

#4 – Styled Stock Photography

If all of this sounds like it’s going to take too much time, you can definitely “outsource” your imagery by grabbing images from a styled stock photography service. The photos will be high quality because they’re shot by professionals. However, because the images are available to everyone, they end up being less expensive than if you were to hire your own photographer.

Does this mean there’s going to be a bunch of imagery online that looks exactly like yours? It depends. If you’re using a free stock photography site, you’ll probably notice that other people you know are using the same images from time to time. However, if you’re using a subscription service, the images are going to be much more exclusive and less likely to be seen in other people’s feeds.

In the world of online marketing, sometimes the images you use are just as important as your words. We have short attention spans, and we need something eye-catching to make us stop scrolling and read the content. If you’ve been feeling like your images need an upgrade, I hope these tips help you get the shares and followers you deserve!