Running a small business is a practice in flexibility, resourcefulness, and moxie. For a business owner, it can feel like these skills are sometimes just as important as the skills you’re marketing to your clients!

It can be so easy to fall behind on your task list or feel out of touch with your team. You’re a busy person, and there’s only so many hours in the day! However, productivity tools are there to help you run your business more smoothly and effectively, without having to dedicate more of your brain power or valuable time.

I want to share three of the “must-have” productivity tools I use with my team every single day to work smarter, not harder. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to reach my goals if it weren’t for these tools, and the best part? They all have free versions that you can try out to see if they’re going to work for you before investing any of your valuable resources into them!

#1 – Trello

Trello is a visual planning tool that allows you to work alongside your team to lay out every task and procedure you have. I have boards set up for every website, every project, and every client we work with. Everything is super organized, which means my team can go in and find anything they need on their own, which means no more emailing back and forth!

When you set up a board, you can create lists, and each list can contain task cards that you can easily move around. For example, on my Dental Soiree “Editorial” board, I have several different ideas for blog posts in my “Brain Dump” list. When I write one of these posts, I can move the card to the “Drafted” list. Once it’s reviewed and gets images, I can move it to the “Reviewed for Publication” list and then to the “Scheduled” list once it’s been uploaded and scheduled.

Trello is one of those productivity tools that makes it so easy for everyone on the team to work together, even if they’re spread out all across the country. It helps us cut down on phone calls and emails, and frees us up to just do the work that matters!

#2 – Voxer

When you have a team of people all working together to handle the multitude of tasks that go into running a small business, communication is SO important. If you’re not updating each other on the status of projects, team goals, and new leads, you can expect that things will fall through the cracks.

However, because everyone is so busy, and not always in the same building or even the same city, it can be difficult to meet on a regular basis. If we’re being honest, meetings aren’t always the best use of everyone’s time, though there is a time and place for them, for sure! The rest of the time, you just need a quick way to connect on the go, and that’s why I love Voxer. It’s an app that you install on your smartphone that actually works just like a walkie-talkie. If I have an idea or update for one of my team members, I can just hop into Voxer, and let it fly!

Typing in’t always easy, especially when you’re walking or trying to multitask. I love sending messages, photos, and even my location using this handy free app, and I ask everyone who joins my team to download it onto their phone, too.

#3 – Hootsuite

There are so many social media management platforms out there these days, but I love Hootsuite because it handles EVERYTHING. There are great tools out there that are specific to Instagram or Facebook, but when I can find a tool that does it all, I’m all in.

Hootsuite can manage your social media profiles (the free version allows you to manage up to three different accounts) and schedule posts in advance so they can stream out automatically. They also offer analytics to see which posts were the most effective. If you have members of your team that help manage your social media, you need a tool like Hootsuite. Everyone can work collaboratively and see what’s already been posted and scheduled. It’s a must-have in my book.

When you’re busy running a business, getting even a little bit of your time back can make a huge difference. Chances are, you have a team because you know one person can’t do it all. Using productivity tools is another great (and inexpensive) way to stretch your capacities even further without having to sacrifice anything. In fact, they’ll probably uplevel your business once you and your team get over the initial learning curve.

If you need help managing your digital marketing strategy, please reach out to us. We’d love to help you create more meaningful connections with the people you genuinely want to connect with. We offer personalized packages so you can get exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t.


They say paper is dead. In some instances, yes. Online is everything. But when it comes to meeting potential clients or consumers, having the one piece of paper on hand is the perfect place to get your name into their hands. And I’m talking about business cards.

Whether you’re at a conference, mixer or backyard BBQ, a business card allows you to easily give or receive pertinent contact information. There’s no fumbling with your smartphone or hunting down a pencil and paper. You don’t even have to break eye contact!

And now you can get your business card in any size, shape, or possibly even be useful! We’ve seen some that are mirrored, turn into a fun distraction, or even edible! But regardless of design, there is certain information you should always include on your business card.

Name: How can one contact you if they don’t know who you are?!

Job title: Make sure your title makes it clear what you do otherwise they won’t know why they should be contacting you.

Company name: This can give you added credibility, especially if your company is recognizable.

Email address: Make this your direct work email, not a company catch-all or a personal address.

Phone number: This should be your direct business line, not an automated company line or a line that requires going through three receptionists to finally reach you. Try to avoid using a personal phone number — the last thing you need is someone calling you on a Sunday morning when you’re just leaving the gym.

Website: Web is everything! Your website is free marketing right there.

Location (if applicable): Providing a location can be beneficial if you want customers to come to your brick & mortar.

Here at dental soiree, we have LOVE branding. And your business card is part of that! We partnered up with MOO to create our beautiful business cards. Their luxe, high-quality paper is so durable, they make your card stand out.

If you ever have questions, feel free to contact us! We love to talk all things branding!

Until next time,


Social media is essential for just about every business. But, many are not utilizing it because it can seem like a daunting task. We hear things like “You mean we have to post everyday?” on a daily basis from our clients. Our biggest tip for making the social media world a little more manageable is to create a social media calendar.

A social media calendar can help businesses plan out content ahead of time to avoid having to scramble at the last minute. A well-formulated calendar will answer three questions.

What do I need to post?

When do I need to post it?

Where does this need to get posted?

dental soiree // social media calendar

Here are some of the major benefits of using a social media calendar.


Social media can often get placed on the back burner when things get busy, but you don’t want to forget about it! I don’t know about you, but calendars help keep us accountable. By having everything laid out on one calendar or spreadsheet, it makes the tasks seem more manageable. If things get really busy, you can even use an automatic posting service to do the posting for you!

Time Saving

Setting aside some time to organize your entire social media calendar can save you time in the long run. It may take a little bit to get it up and running, but it will leave you feeling prepared and less stressed when it comes time to start posting. Now you’ll no longer try to frantically throw together social posts at the last minute!


If you’re not the only one working on your business’ social media, a calendar can be a great way to share ideas and work with your colleagues. We all get stuck in a rut from time to time. If your calendar is available for others to work on, you can have some assistance with ideas.

Helps with Consistency

By planning everything out on a calendar in advance, you’re more likely to post consistently on all your profiles. Because everything is organized and ready, it makes it easy to post regularly. With social media, consistency is everything. If you’re posting consistently, you will stay in front of your audience even attract new followers. Remember, those followers can turn into customers!


Have you ever tried a social media calendar? What methods have worked for you?

Until next time,
Team Soiree


It seems like every small business is constantly trying to find the latest tool to help with internal organization. Trust us, we understand! We’ve been through our fair share of applications, and we think we’ve finally found the best option for us! MeisterTask has been our go-to tool for all things organization. Here’s a few reasons why we love it so much!

Completely Customizable

The absolute best thing about MeisterTask is its’ customizable interface! Users can arrange their tasks, projects and/or ideas in a way that makes the most sense for their team.

dental soiree // meistertask

Here at dental soiree, we have two different ‘projects’ on our account. One of our projects is used to lay out all of our upcoming, current, and past clients in a visual way. This helps our entire team stay on the same page, and understand where each client currently stands in the process.

Our second project is used for our internal team. This project is essentially a master to-do list. This project is broken up by team member, and consists of various tasks each person is in charge of.

In MeisterTask, we are able to create two different systems of organization for the various parts of our business. Because we have the ability to customize the layouts, we can choose the best arrangement for us!

Boards and Cards

dental soiree // meistertask

MeisterTask divides the different projects up by using ‘boards’ and ‘cards.’ In our client project, each of our boards are labeled for the different stages of our client process. Then each card is labeled for the specific client.

dental soiree // meistertask

Our internal project uses the boards and cards a little bit differently. Each team member has their own board, and the cards are used to illustrate different tasks each person is expected to complete.


We love using the cards to delegate tasks within our internal team. Once the card is selected, there are a number of options included.

dental soiree // mesiterstask

Users have the ability to create checklists, or sub-tasks, within the card. For example, this task illustrates that a blog post needs to be written. Upon clicking on the task, the team member can see that there are sub-tasks that need to completed in order to finish the blog post. This is helpful to ensure that little steps don’t get left out.

dental soiree // mesitertask

On the right side, there are options to set a due date on the task and organize the task into different categories using ‘tags.’

dental soiree // meistertask

At the bottom of the card, users have the ability to communicate with each other about the specific task. If a team member wants to add something to an assignment, or has a question about the status of something, they can post a comment directly on the card. Pretty awesome, right?

Once the task has been completed, the user can hit the big ole ‘complete task’ button at the top of the card. Easy as that!


We can’t rave about MeisterTask enough! This tool has helped our team get organized and improve our productivity.

What are some of your favorite organizational tools to use within your team? Let us know!

Until next time,
Team Soiree

p.s. We are not affiliated with MeisterTask in any way, shape, or form. We are just big fans!