Every day feels like a holiday when you’re in the dentistry field. But, did you know there really are holidays all the time that we can highlight on our social media pages to get more engagement? We’ve collected some fun dental-themed days that you can create content for and spread a little extra joy on your feeds!

Most of these dental-themed days are U.S. holidays, but a few of them are international. Depending on where you are in the world, some or all of these may work for you. Feel free to bookmark this list so you can revisit it each month as you plan your social media content!

Okay, are you ready to have some fun?


3 – National Drinking Straw Day – Talk about how straws and healthy teeth are BFF.!

28 – National Have Fun At Work Day – Show some behind the scenes photos of your team having fun!


9 – National Toothache Day – There’s lots of things you can do on this day!

28 – National Tooth Fairy Day – Share a fun fact or personal story about the Tooth Fairy.


6 – National Dentist’s Day – This is a biggie! Go all out and celebrate dentistry and yourself

29 – National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day – Are you a small, privately owned practice? Celebrate that fact on March 29!


11 – National Pet Day – Our pet’s teeth matter, too! Share a tip or fact about oral care for animals.

27 – National Tell a Story Day – Use this day to tell a story about you, your practice, or you could even share a cautionary tale about tooth care.


8 – National Receptionists’ Day – Shout out your amazing receptionists today!

31 – National Smile Day – As dentists, we LOVE smiles. Celebrate them on May 31 (and everyday, of course!)


15 – National Smile Power Day – This is a day for everyone to share the power of the smile!

21 – National Selfie Day – Yay selfies! Ask your followers to share selfies featuring their beautiful smiles today.


12 – National Simplicity Day – Share a tip with your followers to make their oral health routine simpler!

29 – National Lipstick Day – Pucker up! Share your favorite lipstick shade, or your tip for keeping lipstick off your teeth!


16 – National Tell a Joke Day – There’s some great jokes about teeth out there. Share one on your feed!

21 – National Senior Citizens Day – What are some dental tips related to seniors that you could share?


28 – National Good Neighbor Day – Do you have any neighbors that you want to call attention to? Today’s the perfect day!

30 – National Chewing Gum Day – Share your wisdom about chewing gum with your followers. Give them tips to choose the right gum for good oral health!


16 – Boss’s Day – This is a great day to shout out the bosses that help  your practice run smoothly!

31 – National Knock-Knock Jokes Day


1 – National Brush Your Teeth Day – Remind your followers to brush away those sugar bugs from Halloween!

23 – Flossing Day – The day after Thanksgiving is a great day to focus on the habit of flossing.


7 – National Cotton Candy Day – Cotton candy, also called candy floss or fairy floss, was created by a dentist!

26 – National Thank You Note Day – Use social media to send a virtual thank you note to your patients!

Need a little help managing your social media accounts and/or creating content for these dental-themed days (or any day, for that matter!) that makes people stop scrolling and pay more attention to your practice? We can help! Contact us to learn more about our social media management and branding packages!