Another year, another version of iOS! Once a year, Apple releases a new software update for iPhone and iPad users.

This time around, there are a few features we are extra excited about. Here’s a roundup of our five favorite iOS 11 updates!

Siri Translation


dental soiree // iOS 11

Siri has just become your best friend while traveling abroad!

Like the Google Assistant and Google Translate, Siri can now translate the things she has heard to different languages. All you have to do is ask “How do you say _______ in _______?” It’s as easy as that! Instead of pulling up articles from the Internet like she has done in previous iOS systems, she will directly translate the words or phrases.

As of right now, she is only able to translate French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.

Customizable Control Center


dental soiree // iOS 11

In this newest iOS update, the Control Center has been totally revamped! For starters, everything is located on a single page. There is no need to swipe back and forth between two different pages to control certain things.

iPhone users now have the ability to completely customize the features located in the Control Center. Want to control your AppleTV with a touch of a button through your Control Center? What about Apple Pay? Or Night Shift? Now you can! The new customization features allow users to pick and choose the exact features they would like easy access to.

Screen Recording


dental soiree // iOS 11

Developers and tech experts everywhere rejoice! iOS 11 now allows users to record their iPhone screens directly from the phone. No need for any more third party softwares!

This could be beneficial to someone who is teaching a tutorial of some kind and wants to show their audience and/or viewers a step-by-step guide to doing something on an iPhone.

Screenshot Markup

Looks like Apple has been taking notes from Snapchat and Instagram Stories! In the new iOS system, users have the ability to markup their screenshots right after they take them. There’s no need to go searching for the photo in your camera roll, because it will be available as soon as the screenshot it taken.

This feature allows users to make quick notes and highlight certain things in a photo, then send it off!

Do Not Disturb While Driving 

A trend for this update is improving security and safety for users. Now when you get into your car and start driving, your phone will automatically to go into ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. Your phone can tell when you are driving based on your location and accelerometers.

During this time, all notifications will be muted to avoid distraction while behind the wheel. Eyes on the road people!


Have you updated your phone yet? What is your favorite iOS 11 feature?

Let us know!

Until next time,
Team Soiree