At Dental Soiree, we’re passionate about teaching best practices when it comes to social media marketing for dentists. As a dentist myself, I am well aware of the unique challenges that comes with getting people excited about oral care! We’re competing with celebrities, bloggers, and basically everyone online… so how do we stand out and attract followers to our practice?

Social media marketing for dentists is really no different than social media marketing in general, but you do have to know which tools are going to help you the most. You’re busy and there’s no way you could do all the things and still run your practice. This short list is perfect if you just want to know a handful of things you can do that will have the biggest payoff online.

Live Video

This one is huge. Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, going “live” is one of the best things you can do to engage with your followers. As a dentist, you could give mini lessons each week where you talk to your followers for a few minutes about a new product, technique, or “pro tip” that will help them have a healthier smile. You could also do an office tour, a “meet the team” video, or something more fun, like an unboxing or “day in the life” video!

Micro-Influencer Marketing

The second trend to watch when it comes to social media marketing for dentists is micro-influencer marketing. This is just a fancy phrase that means paying someone with a good social media following a small amount of money to talk about your brand. You can also send them free stuff or give them a credit for services in exchange for a few posts about your practice. Micro-influencers typically have between 1,000 and 9,000 followers. Influencer marketing is also a thing, but those users generally have more than 10,000 followers. You might think the more followers the better, but research has shown that micro influencers have engagement rates that are 60% higher than “celebrity” influencers!

User-Generated Content

This is similar to micro-influencer marketing in a way because you’re asking people to talk about your practice (or waiting for them to do it on their own) but rather than just letting that content reach your influencer’s audience only, you’re going to take that content and share it on your own social media channel. We see this a lot in Instagram Stories especially. You can share someone’s post really easily (photo or video posts can be shared) and you can tag them in your story and thank them for their review or mention. Be sure to follow your happy patients online so you’ll know right away if they’re talking about you!


Did you know that 56% of consumers would rather message than call a business for customer service? Social media messaging is making it very convenient for our patients to reach us, so we need to be active enough online to answer their messages in a timely manner. On Facebook, you can set up an automated response to let them know you’ll be with them shortly, but there’s nothing like this integrated into Instagram yet, so you may need an assistant or front office person to check for messages on a regular basis to keep your patients happy.

Social Media Advertising

If you’re used to spending money on print ads, radio and television spots, and billboards, the game may be changing for you. Social media advertising is only getting more popular — in fact, it’s been growing about 20% annually. You don’t have to spend as much as traditional ads to get the same reach, and you can target your ads to reach only your desired demographic. Just make sure you spend time on the copy and the graphics. These things become especially important in social media advertising because they’re the two main ways you’re going to grab people’s attention.

We hope these five tips on social media marketing for dentists is helpful and if you’re not already doing these things, we hope you’ll consider at least giving them a shot. We know it can be scary to try new things, but in order to attract new patients, we believe dental practices must embrace the new options social media brings to the table. If you need help or want some expert advice from the Dental Soiree team, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to talk about the packages we offer! We also have courses if you want to DIY your social media. You can check them out here!