It’s not a secret that Instagram is an amazing creative outlet, and with the right tools, it has the potential to do great things. One of our favorite tools for planning and organizing our feed is UNUM.                                                                                                

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UNUM is the best tool to help plan out the perfect Instagram feed. The app is laid out in a three-column arrangement, just like Instagram, to ensure the best user experience. Once UNUM is synced with your Instagram account, the app keeps a live feed of your profile. This allows you to see what your new photos will look like with the photos that have already been posted. You also have the ability to sync up more than one account. This feature saves us on the daily!

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Once you start adding photos to your queue, the drag and drop feature makes it easy to rearrange the photos however you’d like.


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After you’ve created the perfect grid, UNUM will save your queue until you’re ready to post. We all get pretty busy throughout the day, and that’s when the UNUM reminders feature comes in handy. This built in system helps remind you to post regularly and never miss out on those high engagement time periods. You can decide what time of day you would like a reminder sent to you. When it is time to post, the app with direct you straight to Instagram! Easy as that!


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Now you can understand why we’re so obsessed. It’s a one stop shop for all things Instagram! Try it out for yourself and let us know how you like it!

Until Next Time,

Team Soiree