It seems like every small business is constantly trying to find the latest tool to help with internal organization. Trust us, we understand! We’ve been through our fair share of applications, and we think we’ve finally found the best option for us! MeisterTask has been our go-to tool for all things organization. Here’s a few reasons why we love it so much!

Completely Customizable

The absolute best thing about MeisterTask is its’ customizable interface! Users can arrange their tasks, projects and/or ideas in a way that makes the most sense for their team.

dental soiree // meistertask

Here at dental soiree, we have two different ‘projects’ on our account. One of our projects is used to lay out all of our upcoming, current, and past clients in a visual way. This helps our entire team stay on the same page, and understand where each client currently stands in the process.

Our second project is used for our internal team. This project is essentially a master to-do list. This project is broken up by team member, and consists of various tasks each person is in charge of.

In MeisterTask, we are able to create two different systems of organization for the various parts of our business. Because we have the ability to customize the layouts, we can choose the best arrangement for us!

Boards and Cards

dental soiree // meistertask

MeisterTask divides the different projects up by using ‘boards’ and ‘cards.’ In our client project, each of our boards are labeled for the different stages of our client process. Then each card is labeled for the specific client.

dental soiree // meistertask

Our internal project uses the boards and cards a little bit differently. Each team member has their own board, and the cards are used to illustrate different tasks each person is expected to complete.


We love using the cards to delegate tasks within our internal team. Once the card is selected, there are a number of options included.

dental soiree // mesiterstask

Users have the ability to create checklists, or sub-tasks, within the card. For example, this task illustrates that a blog post needs to be written. Upon clicking on the task, the team member can see that there are sub-tasks that need to completed in order to finish the blog post. This is helpful to ensure that little steps don’t get left out.

dental soiree // mesitertask

On the right side, there are options to set a due date on the task and organize the task into different categories using ‘tags.’

dental soiree // meistertask

At the bottom of the card, users have the ability to communicate with each other about the specific task. If a team member wants to add something to an assignment, or has a question about the status of something, they can post a comment directly on the card. Pretty awesome, right?

Once the task has been completed, the user can hit the big ole ‘complete task’ button at the top of the card. Easy as that!


We can’t rave about MeisterTask enough! This tool has helped our team get organized and improve our productivity.

What are some of your favorite organizational tools to use within your team? Let us know!

Until next time,
Team Soiree

p.s. We are not affiliated with MeisterTask in any way, shape, or form. We are just big fans!