We recently got a question from one of our Dental Soiree clients, and we thought it was a really good question. In fact, it’s a perfect question to answer here on our blog! How do you get your patients to follow you on Instagram?

It’s a common problem, because it seems like once a patient walks out your door, they forget all about you until it’s time for their next appointment. Even then, sometimes it takes some serious prodding to get them to come in and see you. Getting them to follow you on social media seems a little out of the question, but trust me, it’s not.

Let’s go over three easy ways to motivate your patients to not just follow you, but also help spread the word about your practice on their own social media pages!

Tip #1 – Hold a Contest

This is always a surefire way to get people to follow you on Instagram or any of your other social media pages. Hold a contest! Give away a SoniCare or a goodie bag filled with trendy and fun dental products (for example, Hello Toothpaste, CocoFloss, and cute bamboo toothbrushes). 

Make sure the contest is long enough so you can tell plenty of patients about it. Maybe announce it on the first of the month, and tell your patients about it all month. Make cute posts on Instagram showing the prize and tell people in your caption to tag a friend who makes them smile, or something fun and cute like that.

At the end of the month, you’ll pick a winner. There are plenty of free programs online to help you randomly pick a winner. All in all, it’s pretty easy, and it’s a great way to grow your following quickly not just with your patients, but with other potential future patients who are local to you!

Tip #2 – Put Your Handle Everywhere

In this day and age, things have to be easy or we’re not going to do them. You need to plaster your Instagram handle everywhere so people see it. Put it on your business cards, put a vinyl on your door or window, put it on your ads, your Facebook cover photo, put a link in the footer of your emails.

Trust me, it’s not enough to put it in one place or expect your patients to seek you out. You have to make it as easy as possible for them!

Tip #3 – Make a Chatbook for Your Waiting Room

Show people what they’re missing on your Instagram by putting your favorite posts of the year into a cute Chatbook. At both Dental Soiree and Sugar Fix, we LOVE making Chatbooks because it helps us document what our team did that year, and they look so polished and professional. We even give them as gifts to our team during the holidays!

Basically, all you have to do is go on their website, connect your Instagram feed, and they do all the work for you. Just select which photos you want, then choose your preferred book style. Once you receive your book, set it on your nicest coffee table where everyone can see it. Your patients will see all the cool things you’re doing on Instagram and they won’t be able to hit the “follow” button fast enough.

Converting patients to followers is just as important as converting followers to patients. You want your happiest people to be out there, sharing their experience publicly, and working as brand ambassadors for your practice! There really is nothing as powerful as social proof, so having people who already love you on your Instagram page, commenting on your posts, is huge!

We hope this blog post helped give you some ideas for growing your social following! If you have any questions for the Dental Soiree team, please feel free to send us a message! We also offer free phone consultations if you have specific marketing roadblocks you want to discuss.