If you follow us on social media you can see that we smile a lot.  A LOT!  There’s a pretty simple recipe that we follow for this: hard work + creativity + positive energy/dispositions + success = SMILES!!  It’s pretty easy to see that we genuinely like each other; which we certainly don’t take for granted knowing that’s not always the case with your co-workers.


dental soiree

A team that plays together stays together!!



We take each client on separately because his or her needs are unique.  Some of our clients only want support and instruction on social media platforms.  Some of our clients need to build their video & photo content on their websites as well as across social media platforms. Some clients are looking for practice consultation from Dr. Emery (aesthetics of their office, practice management, etc.)  As a team, behind the scenes, we are in constant communication about that client.  Once we’ve gotten to know them a bit, we are busy story-boarding a creative vision for that client.  It’s so much fun, but there is a massive amount of organization and planning that goes into every client’s project!



Dr. Emery (behind-the-scenes) encouraging our client to smile!!


On location for a photo and or video shoot, we have many behind-the-scenes activities.  We always have to make sure that the space is completely clean and neat.  Dr. Emery is a stickler for dust, streaks, and cobwebs knowing that the camera picks up nearly everything.  We naturally have a way of making some of those mundane tasks FUN!!  (As seen in the video below!!)


On location at a shoot, while Dr. Emery is directing the shoot, Paxton & Lauri are busy doing other things.  Paxton works with our client’s team that want trained on various social media strategies such as taking interesting Instagram pictures or using specific hashtags in their posts.  Lauri often is taking behind-the-scenes photos & videos for our new client as well as talking with the staff about writing blogs and what “optimization” means!


dental soiree is comprised of a team of creative folks who are genuinely interested in helping other dentists move their marketing and social presence to the next level!  Of course there are other companies out there providing similar services, but we feel that we have the most unique approach.  At the head of our company is Dr. Emery.  She’s “walked the walk” and “talked the talk” just as our clients have.  She knows dental marketing and dental social media better than anyone out there because she’s actually lived it.  She’s created this company to think outside of typical dental marketing lines and understands that a “1-size fits all approach” is NOT what dentists really need or want.