Let’s just get real for a second. Being a dentist is HARD work. Our days do not stop when the practice closes at 5pm. We’re usually staying late to finish up paperwork, squeezing in last minute appointments, and working on the business side of the practice well into the evening. And while we have a great team to support us, it there are a lot of specific dental social media tasks that get put on the back burner even know we know they’ll help us grow our practice.

What the heck are dental social media tasks? Well, truth be told, we shouldn’t be just copying someone else’s social media strategy. What works for one industry will not work for another. We’re in a unique field where it’s part medical but part relationship-building, and we also need to make our often fact-based content accessible and fun for the everyday person to interact with. That’s no small feat!

To help you manage your time and focus on the social media tasks that matter most, I’ve prioritized the top three crucial tasks you should be doing at least every week. If you only have time for these three things, you’re still well on your way to having a strategy that works.

#1 – Plan Your Strategy

The number one thing you need when it comes to a killer dental social media strategy is a plan. No, you can’t just wing it. Trust me, you will save a lot of time and energy if you sit down and come up with a plan. Are you going to post Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays? Are you going to share something everyday? Is one of those days going to be set aside for your latest blog post? Product reviews? Health tips?

Whatever you decide, make it consistent and do whatever you can to batch out some content ahead of time so you’re not always playing “catch up” on content that should have already gone out. If you sit down for 2-3 hours once a month and create your social media content, you won’t have to think about it again (except when you log in to engage… which I will talk about next).

#2 – Engage, Engage, Engage

If you’re on social media and people are leaving comments, you should be engaging with those people. They’ve taken the time to react to your post, and just a simple “thank you” can go a long way. So many of us spend unnecessary time on social media scrolling through our feeds or finding accounts to follow that will hopefully follow us back. If you spend a little more time on engagement and less time on everything else, you’ll see it pay you in dividends.

#3 – Know Your Keywords

I’m cheating here because this one isn’t technically social media related, but it’s important. Keywords are something that some people freak out about because it has to do with SEO which can be intimidating. However, knowing which search terms are suggested for your website (there are online tools available for this specific purpose) and working these phrases into your blog posts, website copy, and even your image alt tags can make a huge difference. When someone searches for that phrase online, your website will be much more likely to pop up near the top of the search results, and we all know what a game-changer that can be for business.

Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you need to know everything about SEO or you need to be writing new content constantly. Focus on what matters, and outsource where you can. If you’re interested in investing in some creative branding services, we would love to help! Dental Soiree specializes in creating engaging social content for dental practices with the specific goal of helping them grow and become more profitable. Learn about our packages or get in touch with us to discuss your needs by filling out our contact form. It’s time to kiss traditional marketing (and the non-stop hustle) goodbye!