We often get questions from clients related to blogging and if they should start a blog on their practice’s website. We’ll get questions like…

“Should my practice have a blog?”

“How will a blog benefit my practice?”

“What even is a blog?”

These are all valid questions, and today, we’ll be answering all of them for you!

Why Your Dental Practice Needs A Blog // Dental Soiree

What is a blog?

Essentially a blog is a website (or portion of a website) that is regularly updated with posts containing information on a variety of topics. For a dental practice, posts could pertain to dental hygiene, different services you may provide, introducing your staff, etc.

Should my practice have a blog?

Yes! 100% yes! Creating content on your site on a regular basis will benefit your site’s traffic! It is an opportunity to inform patients on certain key questions or topics that your patients may have.

How will a blog benefit my practice?

Including a blog on your practice’s website will benefit your business in a couple different ways. For starters, it will provide valuable information to your patients. If you write posts that contain important information regarding teeth whitening or oral care, you can help your patients learn about their teeth and how they should be caring for them. Providing useful information will show patients you know what you’re talking about and will boost your credibility.

A well-maintained blog will also help with SEO. Producing helpful content that users are actively searching for will help your website appear on search engine inquiries. The more traffic you have on your site, the more likely you are to turn those visitors into customers.

Are you convinced yet? 

Creating a blog can benefit your practice in more ways than you may have originally thought!

Happy blogging!

Until next time,