Today we’re talking office playlists!  Music has become a part of life. Whether that is driving in your car, working out, doing chores around the house, or in our instance, working!

Our team at dental soiree gravitates towards certain playlists. Once you get your workspace ready — get your coffee, set all necessary notebooks & pens, open up up the laptop, and above all, choose a playlist. In need of new music? Head over to a few select Spotify playlists that we absolutely LOVE below!

What are we in the mood for today?

A little throwback action? (We can’t help ourselves. We LOVE the 90’s)

dental soiree//office playlists

How about a soft, cozy vibe?

dental soiree// office playlists

Or you know what, we’ll just do our go-to list. (Project Manager, Paxton, has her fave listed below!)

dental soiree// office playlists

Or maybe you need an after-hours playlist for your dental office? (Check out Sugar Fix Dental Loft’s playlist!)

dental soiree// office playlists

In 2011, the University of Sheffield embarked on research to discover the ways in which music influences office workers. What they found was that music lifts people’s moods and helps them to psychologically escape from activities they don’t enjoy. Interestingly, music also boosts creativity and inspiration.

Everyone has a good pair of headphones and can point you to their favorite Pandora station or Spotify playlist. You need a playlist to get you in your zone to ultimately kick butt at your workday! By picking the right music, it can help lift your mood, squash anxiety, ramp up work, and even fight depression.  Music causes the brain to release dopamine, a brain chemical which is key to addiction and motivation. You know when you hear the first few beats of your favorite song? You get so excited and just jumpstart your work and before you know it, you’ve crossed off all your tasks on your to-do list!  (or in our case, our Meister Task list!)

It’s an interesting exercise to try to formulate playlists based on what type of day you’re having or the mood you’re currently set in. So plug your earphones in, pick a playlist, and get some work done!

Until Next Time,