dental soiree team

Dr. Emery & her team dental soiree as well as Dr. Jayson Tabor.

An early morning flight from Chicago took team dental soiree to Nashville, Tennessee.  We were hired by Dr. Jayson Tabor and we were super excited to get this project off the ground!


Quite a bit of preparation led us up to this event.  We watched all of Dr. Jayson’s previously recorded videos, we scoured his current website from top-to-bottom, we had constant correspondence with his office manager, we had to research local hair & make-up artists, and we had to storyboard for the photo and video shoots.  


Once we stepped foot into Dr. Jayson’s practice, we were warmly greeted by his office manager, Teresa.  She gave us a tour of his sprawling practice and introduced us to his staff.  Then we got to work.  Thursday’s task was to shoot as much b-roll as we could as this was the only day that actual patients were in the office.  It was imperative to get as much authentic footage of Dr. Jayson in action.  The entire time, Dr. Emery was fully engaged, directing both the photographer and the videographer.  Later in the day, our awesome photographer took headshots of all of Dr. Jayson’s staff members to use both on his new website as well as throughout his social media platforms as well.  Throughout the day, Paxton also worked with Teresa and Haynes to help them navigate the workings of adding social media to Dr. Jayson’s repertoire.  It was a full day!


On Friday, our goals were to have our photographer shoot interior and exterior photos of Dr. Jayson’s practice.  We also shot more b-roll of Dr. Jayson working through various procedures. Paxton taught Teresa & Haynes how to take flat-lay photos and they practiced taking many!  Our team wanted to see just a little bit of Nashville, so after a full day, we went back to our hotel to clean up.  We then headed to fill our bellies at URBAN GRUB.  The food was delicious and we had very spirited conversation about our jobs!  It’s exhilarating helping train others to do what we LOVE to do!  


Saturday was our final day at Dr. Jayson Tabor’s office.  This day was designated as our full-video shoot day.  Today, Dr. Emery guided Dr. Jayson through talking about himself, various procedures he performs on his patients, and life in general in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  It was such a treat for us when his wife and 4 daughters arrived at the practice; he has such a beautiful family that he’s incredibly proud of!  We were so fortunate to have gorgeous weather.  After a full day of shooting video, it was time to head to the airport!


As we sat at the airport, tired from 3 full days on-site, we sat back talking about how it all went.  Because of all of our planning ahead of time combined with non-stop hard work while on-site, we felt we had an incredibly successful weekend.  We feel immense pride in our work, but also remain humble knowing that this doctor could have chosen anyone to come and do this for him, but that he wanted & trusted dental soiree to accomplish this for him!  What an honor!