Instagram’s newest update has users on the tip of their toes. Now, while you’re scrolling through Instagram, you can save photos you like directly in the app!

Let us explain.

When you land on your profile, you’ll now notice a little flag on the right. Once you tap this, you can view all of the photos you’ve saved while scrolling! Awesome, right?

Instagram's Newest Update // dental soiree

Let’s say you’re scrolling through your feed, and you see a new restaurant you want to try out. Instead of screenshotting the photo to remember the restaurant, where it will eventually get lost in the mix of all your personal photos, you’ll be able to save it directly on your Instagram to reference later!

Instagram's Newest Update // dental soiree

 If you’re anything like us, you’ll start saving tons of photos, but they could get lost amongst the madness. To avoid that, you’re able to create collections to organize your saved photos. This will make it easy to keep track of everything you’ve been saving!

All the restaurants you want to check out can be in one folder while all your inspirational quotes are in another!

Instagram's Newest Update // dental soiree

How do you like this newest Instagram update? Will it help you save your camera roll from getting bombarded with screenshots? Let us know!

Until next time,
Team Soiree