Chances are, you’ve heard some of the recent buzz around Instagram’s new video feature called IGTV. You can now create long-form, vertical video and upload it for your Instagram followers to watch right inside the app, or in the newly launched IGTV app.

It’s easy to have a “wait and see” mentality when it comes to new marketing platforms or social media features. However, the people that get the most benefit from a feature are often the early adapters. I want to make it super easy for you to jump aboard the IGTV wagon and use it to market your dental practice… and I want to make sure it doesn’t take up too much of your time! I know how busy you are right now and the last thing I want to do is overwhelm you with one more thing you have to do.

A Brief Overview of IGTV

IGTV is a lot like YouTube, except rather than being a standalone platform, it’s integrated into Instagram. This is great because you already have an audience on Instagram; you don’t have to start from zero and build followers all over again. IGTV is also different from YouTube because the videos are streamed vertically rather than horizontally. For some people, this is a big deal but it makes sense that they did it this way. It feels more intimate, and it is consistent with how their Stories feature works. Videos uploaded to IGTV can be anywhere from a minute or two all the way up to an hour long.

To access IGTV from the Instagram app, you can tap on the little television icon in the upper right corner. Videos from people you already follow on Instagram will automatically start playing, or you can switch between the For You, Following, Popular, and Continue Watching categories to find other IGTV videos you might like.

Using IGTV for Your Dental Practice

Being able to watch fun videos on Instagram is great, but ultimately, this tool was built for content creation. If you post content on Instagram with the goal to find new patients for your practice, IGTV is definitely something you should consider adding to your marketing plan!

It’s super easy to get started, especially since there’s a good chance you’re already on Instagram. You can use your smartphone to shoot videos, and there’s very little editing that needs to happen, unlike YouTube. While it can be intimidating to get in front of the camera and try something new, if you want to keep growing, you have to hang out where your dream patients are hanging out. Consider sitting down to film a video this week and see what happens! While you may not get the views you’re hoping for right out of the gate, you’ll probably realize it’s easier than you thought and hopefully, you’ll make it part of your consistent marketing strategy. When you’re consistent, you’ll start to see your numbers go up quickly. That’s pretty much the case with any platform.

We’re running an IGTV challenge this week and I hope you’ll join in on the fun! We’re going to have a great time learning our way around the platform together and sharing our success. Be sure to watch our Instagram page for details on the challenge!