Over the last few days, team Soiree has been in Scottsdale, Arizona to attend a customer service, business, and tech conference called NextCon.

A few of our team members attended the event last year. You can read about their experience here.

dental soiree // nextcon recap

What is NextCon?

NextCon is a three-day conference organized by Nextiva, a company that excels in creating communication devices and software for businesses. This conference gives entrepreneurs and business professionals the opportunity to hear from leaders in various industries. The speakers talked about business strategies, advancements in technology, leadership tactics, and improving customer relationships.

NextCon is a non-profit conference. Proceeds from the event are donated directly to the Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation. For every post shared on social media using #nextcon17, Nextiva donated $10 to Life Rocks. All the earnings from NextCon merchandise was also donated to the foundation. Over the course of the three days, NextCon raised over $22,000.

dental soiree // nextcon recap
Paxton won a $100 gift card for her engagement on the NextCon app!

Featured Speakers

The conference was jam packed with information from hand selected speakers that are experts in their industries. Leaders from corporations like Google, Nordstrom, and The Ritz-Carlton were among the bunch. Here were a few of our favorites from the week!

dental soiree // nextcon recap

Carol Roth 
Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur 

Carol is a “recovering” investment banker turned entrepreneur, author, and speaker. During her presentation, she spoke about how to improve the customer experience. She recognized that keeping customers happy sounds easy, but it doesn’t always go according to plan. It’s important to make your current customers happy, and to consider their interests when making decisions.

‘Lather, rinse and repeat to keep your customers. By focusing on treating the customers right in front of you right, you’ll ultimately attract new customers.”

Les McKeown
CEO of Predictable Success  

We had the opportunity to listen to Les speak on two different occasions. His first talk focused on the lifecycle of organizations. He walked through the different stages of a business’ life: the early struggle, fun, white water, predictable success, treadmill, the big rut, and death valley.

During his second presentation, Les talked about the essential internal components of a business that will lead them down a path of success. He spoke about empowerment, ownership, self-accountability, lateral management, and, most importantly, a definitive org chart.

Brian Moran
Founder and CEO of Brian Moran and Associates 

Brian’s presentations focused on the benefits of using social media to market businesses. Simply sharing content online and engaging with both current and prospective customers can spread the word about your brand.

He also talked about the importance of quality and consistency. If your brand does not share content online consistently, it will not add any sort of benefit to your business. One of our favorite tips shared from the presentation was the 2/3 vs. 1/3 rule.

2/3 of your content should be directed towards your audience. It should consist of information that is relevant to them.

1/3 of your content should be curated. This could include shared content from external sources (with the proper credit given, of course). Fun blurbs and articles can keep things a little more lighthearted.

Brian’s talk was a great overview of the ‘why’ surrounding social media.

Joey Coleman
Chief Experience Composer of Design Symphony  

Joey was the last speaker of the conference. His talk was primarily focused on how to interact with clients during the first 100 days of working together. Joey shared some helpful steps to take to make clients feel excited and engaged during the process.

His presentation emphasized the importance of showing vs. telling. To make an impact on for your client, it’s crucial for business owners and employees to prove their expertise and knowledge through action instead of just telling your client what you can do.

Our Major Takeaways

Our NextCon experience was full of priceless information! Through each of the presentations, we were able to take away important information.

1. Maintaining strong customer relationships are key to a successful business

2. Social media is essential for marketing your organization

3. Staying engaged with your employees benefits everyone (including the customers)

4. Under promise, over deliver

All in all, this week has been truly inspiring. We had the opportunity to learn about so many different facets of the business world.

dental soiree // nextcon recap

Thanks for such an amazing conference, NextCon!

Until next time,
Team Soiree