Everyone here at dental soiree is an avid social media user, and we all have a particular platform that we enjoy the most. Today each team member will be sharing their favorite social media platform, allowing you to get to know each of us a little bit better!

Dr. Jessica Emery, Founder

“Instagram & Snapchat are my favorite social platforms! Since I was a kid, I’ve always written in journals to document my story. Now I do that through my photos on Instagram! I also enjoy printing out my Instagram photos in ChatBooks. These are great because I can have a physical copy of all my photos, and I can share them with my kids!

Snapchat is also great because it is so in the moment. Plus the filters are always fun to play with!”

Lauri Carter, Executive Assistant

The social media platform that I use the most is Facebook. It’s the one I’ve used the longest and that I’m most familiar with. It’s so easy to use!

But, I’ve come to really love Snapchat! I find people post more unique snippets of their day on Snapchat. It’s a bit sillier and more personal, and it’s awesome because it doesn’t last forever. It creates a sense of urgency to make sure you see what people are up to and that you don’t miss anything! I also like it because it’s so quick, I can “see” one person’s day in 3-5 minutes! I also love using Snapchat because my nieces post on it, and they live many states away from me. It gives me the opportunity to still be apart of their lives and see what they are up to each day!” 

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Paxton Harman, Project Manager

“I love Instagram! A platform that is dedicated to photography is such an awesome way to showcase who you are. You can go from a black and white feed to something that is light and airy or to something that includes bright colors and patterns. Everyone can show their particular style and emotion just through photos.

But, you can’t forget the funny meme accounts! Those will make anyone’s day a little bit better!”

Larissa Neumann, Videographer

“My favorite social media platform, by far, is Instagram! As someone who loves to post visual content such as photos and videos, Instagram is the perfect platform for this. It’s easy to use and fun to see posts from other people you follow. Whether you’re using Instagram for your personal posts or your business, your timeline will always be full of vibrant, interesting posts. That’s why I love it so much – it’s the most creative platform and I’ll always be inspired whenever I open the app!”

Bailey Jones, Social Media Strategist

“Instagram is my absolute favorite social platform! I love photography, so Instagram acts as a perfect home for all the photos that I take. I love planning out different layouts and arranging photos so that they all complement each other. It’s a fun, creative platform that has endless possibilities!

I also love using it as a source of inspiration. If I ever feel stumped on what to do or where to go eat, I always look to Instagram to find the cutest little spots!”

What is your favorite social media platform? Let us know!

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Until next time,
Team soiree