Dentists often ask us, ‘why is photography so important for my practice?’ All successful business have a strong brand, and high-quality, well thought out photography plays a part in that. Photos serve as a window into your business. They allow patients to see the personality behind your practice.

Stock Photography vs. Original Photography
It’s important for dental practices to avoid the traditional, boring stock photography. Those staged images do not show the personality and people that make your dental practice go ’round. Using your original photography will let your brand shine. By creating organic and original content, you’re allowing patients to get to know the practice they’re visiting.

Set Your Practice Apart from Competitors
Like any other business, keeping a consistent brand is important. Many dentists forget that this idea applies to them too. Most don’t think about how their practice’s image is portrayed through their photography. By taking the initiative and creating your own photos, you’re already one step ahead of everyone else! If you’re dental practice is packed full of fun, original content, you’ll be sure to stand out from the competition who use generic stock imagery.

Attract New Patients
It’s not a secret that people are attracted to nice things. Why does their dental practice have to be any different? If your practice’s photography is unique and different from your competitors, you’ll catch the eye of patients. Let’s say a potential new patient is on the hunt for a new dentist, and they come across your practice that is packed full of fun photos and consistent branding. They are more likely to follow through with your unique practice versus the generic practice down the street.

Social Media and Marketing
The photos that you take for your practice can be used in so many different ways! They can serve as a great tool to market your practice. Whether you’re advertising online or in a print ad, it’s important to include a photo that will capture the attention of shoppers. Photography is also beneficial to use on social media. Users are more likely to view and click on content that contains a photo or video!

It Doesn’t Have to be Scary or Intimidating
Taking your own photos can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! You first have to figure out the tools you want to use. Do you want to hire a photographer? Do you want to take the photos yourself with a DSLR camera? Or do you want to stick to iPhone photography? They all can be great for your practice! We also recommend sticking to a particular photography style to keep your brand consistent across the board!

To learn a little bit more about why photography is so important, take a peek at the video down below!

How do you and your dental team handle photography?

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