I think we can all agree, social media is pretty huge right now. A digital presence is something that you absolutely need to have in order to stay competitive these days, and for many busy practices, this means finding an agency that can handle the work that comes with developing a good dental marketing plan.

However, you’re probably wondering what you need to look for in a good digital marketing agency. Can you use any local marketing firm? Or is it best to look for an agency that specializes in dental marketing specifically?

Working With Local Marketing Firms

Local marketing firms are great because they know the area you work in. They already know what kind of reputation and following you have in the community, and they can speak to your services if they’re patients of yours (or they know someone who is). This kind of insider knowledge of your practice is helpful, but it certainly isn’t the end all, be all when it comes to finding a marketing agency that can help you accomplish your big picture goals.

If one of your goals is to stand out from your competition, a local marketing firm may not be the best choice for you. If you work with a marketing team that has very little knowledge of the dental industry, the first thing they’re going to do is look and see what everyone else is doing. You don’t want that. You want to pave your own path and attract people with out-of-the-box social media posts that make dental care exciting and insta-worthy!

Are Dental Marketing Agencies Even a Thing?

Yes! We would know because that’s exactly who we are. Dental Soiree specializes in digital marketing strategies for dental practices. We know that dental marketing is more than just listing off the services you provide and then doing the old rinse and repeat month after month. Finding new patients requires a little bit of creativity (okay, quite a bit of creativity) and a true understanding of the challenges facing dental practices.

I don’t think it’s biased to say that having an intimate knowledge of dental marketing is crucial when it comes to knowing how to create a digital strategy that is a balance of fun and informative. We know what works because we’ve been doing it for our own dental practice for years. We have worked with other dental clients to build their following and get new patients through their doors. It’s that kind of experience and results that make dental marketing agencies like ours a little extra special.

At Dental Soiree, you’ll find a talented dental marketing team ready to work their magic for you. We want to help you elevate your brand by showcasing what you do differently and by highlighting your fun personality with branded photoshoots and social strategies that stand out!