Social media marketing is going to change your dental practice for the better. The ability to drive traffic to your practice’s website, reach new customers, and build lasting relationships with patients will only benefit your business.

Here are the reasons your practice should be active on social media!

Drives Traffic to your Practice’s Website

Social media is the best way to drive traffic to your practice’s website. The more active your practice is on social platforms, the more activity there is on your profile. If users are interested in your business, they’ll have the ability to go straight to your practice’s website to learn more about what you offer.

Reach New Customers

Social media users often treat platforms such as Facebook like a search engine. If your practice is utilizing these sites to their fullest extent, you can attract new customers.

Make sure to take advantage of the sponsored posts and ads platforms offer. These can help spread the word about your practice in an inexpensive way.

Build Relationships

Active social media profiles help open up a new line of communication between patients and your practice. It’s important to make yourself (or someone at your practice) available to answer questions that patients submit online. This will help patients feel more connected to the practice.

In the event of an emergency, you have the ability to give your patient sound advice until they are able to come into the office to get it resolved. Activity like this will only increase the level of trust between the patient and the practice.

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