Hello & Happy Wednesday! It is a rainy day here in Chicago, so it is the absolutely perfect time to curl up on the couch with a good book and cup of tea! Need a recommendation? We may have a few! Especially some great books that you may want your team to read too!

Our soiree team is always looking out for the best books. May that be on marketing, design, or sales. Really, you place a book in our hand or give us a great recommendation, we’ll read it! But this week our team read an incredible book that can help any business. No matter what field you work in. We focused more on the dental field though and how this can be incorporated into a practice. We read Integrity Selling By Ron WillinghamThis book touched so many great points, read below to see what key points we took away from it!

Fulfillment Over Knowledge

They spoke about how anyone can really sell anything. Just because you have knowledge of it, doesn’t mean you can really sell it. But one of the truths behind being successful with selling is that you have to have the proper social skills behind it. Yes, anyone can pick up a phone or have a meeting and try to sell a product or service. What really matters though, and what we have seen accomplished at our companies, is that we are here fulfilling NEEDS. We are not selling something they don’t want.

Personal Touch

They also talked about opening our customer’s “mental gate” which is something dentists strive for in their operatories. Doctors are starting to try to disrupt dentistry in the sense that they are more on a personal level. AKA– Feel, Felt, Found. They are connecting with their patient to break down any walls they may have so they can step in and really see what it is they are in need of. They want them to feel that connection with the doctor and their team and make them feel like the only one. And by doing so, they receive excellent care and are more willing to schedule any additional treatment they may have.

Unknown Can Turn Into No

Our team was really intrigued to read about how they discussed when a client says “no.” Sometime’s it’s as easy as a misunderstanding, or miscommunication. That is huge for doctors and their team when presenting treatment. Because your patient may be saying no, only because they don’t know what really is being performed on them. And that leads them to just being uneasy about the unknown. And that is where the open-ended, or “Re-entry Questions” come in. They are wanting you to keep them talking, make them think about why they are saying no. Feelings overrule logic as they stated.

We highly recommend this book for your team to read, and see how they respond with their views! We’d love to hear your thoughts on it as well! Also, have any recommendations of new books for us to read and review? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time,