They say paper is dead. In some instances, yes. Online is everything. But when it comes to meeting potential clients or consumers, having the one piece of paper on hand is the perfect place to get your name into their hands. And I’m talking about business cards.

Whether you’re at a conference, mixer or backyard BBQ, a business card allows you to easily give or receive pertinent contact information. There’s no fumbling with your smartphone or hunting down a pencil and paper. You don’t even have to break eye contact!

And now you can get your business card in any size, shape, or possibly even be useful! We’ve seen some that are mirrored, turn into a fun distraction, or even edible! But regardless of design, there is certain information you should always include on your business card.

Name: How can one contact you if they don’t know who you are?!

Job title: Make sure your title makes it clear what you do otherwise they won’t know why they should be contacting you.

Company name: This can give you added credibility, especially if your company is recognizable.

Email address: Make this your direct work email, not a company catch-all or a personal address.

Phone number: This should be your direct business line, not an automated company line or a line that requires going through three receptionists to finally reach you. Try to avoid using a personal phone number — the last thing you need is someone calling you on a Sunday morning when you’re just leaving the gym.

Website: Web is everything! Your website is free marketing right there.

Location (if applicable): Providing a location can be beneficial if you want customers to come to your brick & mortar.

Here at dental soiree, we have LOVE branding. And your business card is part of that! We partnered up with MOO to create our beautiful business cards. Their luxe, high-quality paper is so durable, they make your card stand out.

If you ever have questions, feel free to contact us! We love to talk all things branding!

Until next time,