When it comes to customer service, everyone wants to be treated with the highest respect. Whether that be at the grocery store, shopping for a birthday gift, or trying to find that perfect dress. There is a saying that goes ” A customer could be satisfied with your service and tell one person, but when they become unsatisfied, they tell 7.” So how about we change it up a bit, and have our customers tell 7 people they are satisfied? Well, maybe you should do it the Nordstrom way?

As a company that provides either goods or services, we always want to find new ways to help provide excellent service. So when I stumbled upon the book “The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence” I was intrigued. The majority of people know the Nordstrom brand carries a type of customer service that sticks out among other brands.

We try to create an atmosphere where people feel valued, trusted and respected, and empowered, where they have a proprietary feeling and an entrepreneurial spirit.  The magic occurs when all these things come together.

When reading, it really gave you a feel of how they want their employees and team members to really look at every point of view as their customer. The whole point of everything a company should do is to make the customer happy for the long haul. So why would we ever want to dissatisfy our main reason to even being in business? We need to put ourselves in the shoes of our client.  Do what we can to make life easier for them.

The story should be about the problem you solved for a customer, not about how great of a guy you are for doing it.

Nordtrom way

A MUST read for you and your team!

What’s interesting about that fact, is that Nordstroms is not just one company, it is actually a group of self-motivated, self-empowered men and women who use their own way to create satisfied customers using the Nordstrom model of customer service. Nordstrom has the salespeople who thrive under the Nordstrom system. They have an entrepreneurial mindset, who are motivated self-starters and who love the flexibility that comes from being dedicated to doing whatever it takes to create a satisfied customer in the end.

It is a known fact that the retail industry is facing a major challenge that is being brought about by new technology. But, the Nordstrom of the future will still be based on one essential promise, they will give great customer service.

Dental soiree strives for our client’s to have the utmost attention from us. We are here to offer the White Glove service, have a fast acting response time, and offer as much advice as we possibly can.

I highly recommend this read to anyone who is wanting to give their customers a great experience, if not make it better.