If you’re like any other dental professional ever, one of your main goals when it comes to online marketing is ranking higher in Google. It’s no secret that most patients will choose one of the top few results they see when they type “family dentist near me” or something into their search bar. If you’re not already rocking one of the top three spots, you’re probably wondering how you can bump your practice up in the local SEO ranking.

There’s lots of ways you can improve your position in Google, but in this blog post, we’re going to discuss three very simple ways you can positively impact your local SEO ranking. These are things you could start doing today! Ready? Let’s go!

Get a Google Business Page

If you don’t already have a Google Business Page, it’s time to set one up. It only takes 10-15 minutes to do it, and it’s the best way to get included in local searches. What is a Google Business Page? You probably see them all the time when you search for a restaurant or store in your city. It shows up on the top of the page underneath a Google Map, before the actual search results.

This is prime real estate because there’s no scrolling required! If you can show up here, there’s a good chance you’re going to get lots of calls from new perspective patients. In fact, 15% of users searching for a local business click on these listings.

Getting set up is easy. Just click here and follow the instructions to set up a free business profile with Google that you can customize with photos, special offers, and important details like your business hours.

Ask Your Patients for Reviews

Once you have your Google Business Page, you need to fill it up with positive reviews from your patients! These reviews will be what sets you apart from all of the other listings that appear alongside yours. If you have an average review of close to five stars but your local competitor has a 3 or 4 star average, there’s a really good chance your practice will be the one chosen.

So, how do you get those positive reviews? Well, aside from delivering amazing service (which you already do, anyway!) you just have to ask. Plain and simple. There are people who will go out of their way to leave a positive review all on their own, but most of us are so busy we just either don’t think to do it or we forget.

Start by having your receptionists ask patients to leave a review for you when they check them out. Then, if you send out a post-appointment email, remind them again and be sure to give them a hyperlink so all they have to do is click and leave their review. Make it easy! Then, be sure to respond to each review with a personalized thank you message.

Share Your Reviews Online

Now that you have all of these fabulous reviews on your Google listing, you want to make sure people see them! They’re the “social proof” that will keep you front of mind among people who haven’t even searched for you online yet. That’s powerful stuff!

Turn your reviews into graphics and post them on social media and on your website. In the accompanying copy, ask people to leave you a review if they haven’t done so — and don’t forget to hyperlink it for them! This will help you capture any of your current patients who maybe haven’t seen you recently so you can gather their positive reviews and help bolster that local SEO ranking even more!

Do you have questions about how to turn browsers into patients… or even how to get browsers in the first place? Dental Soiree specializes in dental marketing and helping dentists like you tell their story online. We’d love to chat more about your needs and how we can help!