Brooklyn, New York. What a GORGEOUS borough of New York City. Once the plane landed, team Dental Soiree hit the ground running!

Our first order of business was to get to Dr. Sophia Milito’s practice in Park Slope. Tree-lined streets embraced us as we made our way to the historic brownstone that houses Park Dentistry. We had never seen her office or the surrounding streets and parks nearby, so it was important to meet her first, and then get busy scouting the locations!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather! It was perfect, actually. Warm and sunny made for perfect pictures and video. Dr. Milito’s practice is located on such a gorgeous, bustling street. Brownstones from one end to the other- and those stoops, have you ever seen them? Stoops on every brownstone rolled out from each front door as a silent greeting to all who pass by. This neighborhood was the PERFECT backdrop for our photographer and cinematographer.

Saturday began with a 6am start-time. We started shooting looks around 8am and continued on for the next 9 hours! It was a long day, but we nailed it! Our photographer was on-point all day, ensuring each look had proper lighting with an artistic edge. We hired a hair and make-up artist and a celebrity stylist to make sure that the already beautiful Dr. Milito looked truly exceptional!

Sunday began just as early, but this day was solely for video. Through some storyboarding, we created topics of videos that conveyed Dr. Milito’s story and her passion; all in the heart of this beautiful borough.

All the while, our amazing DePaul Intern, Larissa, was at our side filming b-roll both days! We can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

The weekend went off without a hitch. We had hours of preparation and planning that went into this incredible 2-day shoot. It was an exciting and creative weekend filled with professionals in many different areas all coming together. It was phenomenal!

There is still more work to do for team Dental Soiree. We are in the process of creatively organizing her new website, hoping to launch it within the next 6 weeks to include a complete re-brand as well! Additionally, we’ve created social media accounts where Dr. Milito and her team can show patients and fans the inner workings of Park Dentistry. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all of these unveilings!!

Dental Soiree is a dream-come-true for Dr. Jessica Emery. Several years ago, it occurred to her that she needed to give back to other doctors. She knew she had an eye for design and a zest for all platforms on social media. Doctors now seek her out for advice on how to achieve what she has done; in their practices, in their branding, and in their social media and marketing presence