Who doesn’t love Starbucks? We are obsessed with their coffee, and so is everyone else on earth! USA Today reports that 4 million coffee drinks are ordered daily, and 60 million customers are served each week. On average, we visit the chain six times a month, though 20% of us are super loyal, and visit 16 times a month… you know who you are. 😉 So what does this have to do with a dental marketing strategy?

Okay, so it’s clear we are all addicted to Starbucks. But let’s think about the reason millions of us are paying a premium price for, well, bean water. Does Starbucks have better coffee than other coffee shops? Not necessarily. It’s the reputation they’ve build, the brand they’ve created, and the marketing they employ.

The Power of a Strong Brand

When you have a strong brand with a great reputation, people want to be associated with it. That’s step one, though it is a HUGE step that can take years and years to achieve. Once you have that captive, loyal audience, marketing becomes so much easier. You can create products, promotions, or messaging that appeals to your target customer (who you know, because they’ve been loyal to you for so long).

Often, that’s all it takes. If your idea is good and your content hits the mark, marketing is fairly easy. Of course, we all want to get to that point. Just like anything that’s difficult and time-intensive, it’s easiest to break the big goal down into little actionable steps.

The Four Elements of the Starbucks Experience

Circling back to Starbucks again (because as we said, we’re a tad addicted), they have found a way to create an experience we’re willing to go through some unpleasantness to experience. We’re willing to wait 5-10 minutes for our drink, and pay quite a bit more than McDonald’s or even Panera for our coffee. Why is that? Well, there are four elements that make the Starbucks experience amazing for customers:

Quality – Starbucks uses high-quality coffee beans and equipment so they can provide a consistent product time and time again.

Service – The baristas go through extensive training to be able to make everything on the menu and serve hundreds of customers an hour with a smile on their face!

Ambiance – There’s nothing like sitting in a Starbucks when you have some time to read or even to get some work done away from the office. It’s dimly lit, smells amazing, and has great decor. This isn’t your typical fast food lobby with flourescent lighting and vinyl booths.

Culture – People want to align themselves with the Starbucks culture, because they know their audience and their values. Whether it’s coffee trends, organic, sustainable ingredients, or environmental issues, the culture at Starbucks can sometimes be bigger than the product itself.

As a dental professional, you may find something to take away from the success of Starbucks. If people are willing to pay more and wait longer for coffee from a specific chain, why wouldn’t they go out of their way to visit one dentist over another, if that dentist had created a culture and a brand that resonated with them?

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