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You have big ideas about what you want for your life and business. But sometimes, we get a little too rooted (pun intended) in our routines to step out and take action.

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You're dreaming of a one-of-a-kind community where your ambitiousness is appreciated, and your successes are celebrated

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You need help creating your path to success because sometimes knowing where to even start can feel overwhelming.

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Dental Fempire is all about building

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I get it. I know you work HARD in your practice and feel like you can’t add anything else to your plate. I was that way, too....until I did something about it.

About 18 years ago, I started my own fee-for-service dental practice in the highly saturated market of Chicago. My practice wasn’t listed on dental insurance plans, so it was up to me to find my own patients. Over the years, I’ve learned that stepping into your authentic power is the key to growing a successful practice on auto-pilot. Today, I am proud to say that I ran a seven-figure practice while working less than 24 hours per week AND running 2 other businesses that fulfilled my passive income desires and passions… and I want to help you do the same! 

Wanna know my number one secret to all of this success ? Knowing yourself.


I hang out with woman who are ready to dive into the deep end

Hello! I’m Dr. Jessica Emery, a cosmetic dentist and passionate marketing maven. I am all about spreading smiles, fostering community, and having fun! I built Sugar Fix Dental Loft and White Haute Teeth Whitening Bar completely from scratch.

Through my experience building these successful dental brands, I learned that it takes intentional action to build a solid reputation and find patients in an often saturated market. My love for branding and marketing led me to create dental soiree, a boutique dental branding agency. I love to empower dental professionals to grow using the power of brand and content marketing. I also love to do virtual masterclasses, in-person workshops and branded photoshoots!

I also believe in the power of building and fostering community, especially in the dental industry. My online community, the Dental Girl Gang, is over 20,000 strong and is a positive ray of light that inspires and brings people together. I also reach people with my podcast, Dental Confidential, and my high-level mastermind, The Happiness Rx.


your success path is all mapped out below, it's up to you to step up and get started with us...


brand development




Your mindset is truly the core of your succcess. It's the stuff most people want to skip, but the most succesful people actually dive into MOST. We will tap into your vision, your power, and your WHY. 

From storytelling through your branding to identifying your brand pillars so that there is no confusion on how you will call in your dream clients- we will cover it all.

Social media marketing, videography, and daily story appearances. We will discuss how to capitalize on all of your marketing opportunities to craft your brand awareness.

Extraordinary customer service is what will keep your patients coming back. I will help you create a second to none experience for your clients. You will also learn to overcome objections so they say YES to your services with ease!

Being HR in your business isn't always fun, but it is necessary to build a thriving business. From hiring your first team member to crafting a joyful company culture, your people are the core of what help your business run. 

The point of it all, right?! We will discuss  how to scale your business past 7 figures with ease and flow WHILE working less hours each week- that's what I built for myself and that is what I dream to help you build for you too!




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Dental Fempire is a comprehensive membership designed for you if you are committed to seeing real change  in your life and in your business. This membership is not suitable for you if you aren't ready to jump into the deep end and uplevel your life. Growth can be scary, growth can be uncomfortable, but in order to create the life of your dreams and a business that works for you , it's time you commit to that expansion and step into the new levels of growth you haven't seen before. 


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