S P A R K Book Review

Hello Everyone! 

The team at dental soiree always have their noses in some pretty fascinating books. For instance this week, we had a chance to read SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success. SPARK’s insights are written by well-earned contributors – Angie Morgan (Marine Corps), Courtney Lynch (Marine Corps), and Sean Lynch (Air Force),

So let’s take a dig into what this book was about, shall we!?

First of all, leadership isn’t about a job title – it’s about action and behavior. 

With former Marines and a member of the Air Force, the authors of SPARK have dedicated part of their military service to improving their leadership skills. They go into detail that nobody simply is born at the ready, to lead. The key to success is to make the behavioral changes that are needed to be a leader, instead of assuming these qualities are automatically there.

And so it goes, these really are achievable by anyone who is fully committed to what’s in front of them. “Sparks”, as they call them, are leaders who may not yet see themselves as leaders, which is okay! But they do have all the necessary characteristics: drive, motivation, and the ability to see past the problem sitting directly in front of them. The authors, using stories from their lives in business and being involved in the military, discuss seven behaviors that are essential to becoming a Spark, including the ability to trust, accountability, and acting with intent.And that’s what makes teams fit so well. But one question to ask is how can you as an individual help contribute to building a team among everyone around you? It may feel at times like a useless quest. It may feel at times like you’re the only one doing it. But in the end, you’re helping move your team to the next step!

We encourage everyone to pick this book up and see how this may help for a new direction for your team. Have any recommendations for another team read? Let us know in the comments below!

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Team Soiree