It is time to stop just daydreaming and actually take action on the life that you desire - let's create a practice that you can MAKE MORE & WORK LESS so that you can enjoy your life first and foremost.

I'm a serial entrepreneur who has built successful business from the ground up (literally). From brick and mortar to my online dream businesses. I know how to start, scale and run a thriving business. In the dentistry world, I even managed to scale my FFS dental boutique to 7-figures while working LESS THAN 24 HOURS PER WEEK.

I am literally proof that it is possible. 

I have managed dream teams, started companies, sold companies and expanded to levels of  success that I am forever grateful for. But what feeds my soul more than anything now, is mentoring other business owners to design a life and business they love. 

WHERE I will help you...

WELCOME TO MY 1:1 coaching,

uplevel your business

uplevel your life

& scale beyond your wildest dreams

uplevel your business

uplevel your life

& scale beyond your wildest dreams

uplevel your business

uplevel your life

& scale beyond your wildest dreams

uplevel your business

uplevel your life

& scale beyond your wildest dreams


  • 4 x 1:1 Mentorship Phone  Calls Per Month

  • Unlimited Private Voxer Chat Support, 9AM - 8PM EST M-TH 



I'm All In!

welcome to VIP life!

You're an ambitious professional in the dental world and you have been grinding for years to scale your practice to the income levels and work/life balance of your dreams, but something still hasn't quite fallen into place yet to make it all work. You are DONE playing it safe and keeping yourself small. You are ready for more in business and in life and you know you were meant to live the luxurious lifestyle of make more - work less.

I hear you because I WAS you...but not anymore, there is no playing small in this experience with me.

You want the fast track to success and I am here to guide you to it.

what's included?

DENTALFLUENCE, the vip experience

mentorship - community - support

my commitment to you

the offer that is a one way ticket to the elite life status...

the vip experience


I am all in

my why...

6 mo commitment

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voxer mentorship

  • Voxer access to me for all of your life and business questions and we'll be able to chat back and forth at a relaxed pace during our time together.

  • Private Voxer Coaching 9AM-8PM EST, M-Th

I'm ready for this

* MINIMUM 6 month commitment

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client love

- Dr. Carolyn Norton

-Dr. Atousa Safavi

- Dr. Paul Miller

"Dr. Jessica Emery and her team are on the cutting edge. Her creative content reflects her knowledge to help other dentists achieve success in their practice growth.”

"I was so unhappy and hopeless about my career. I knew this couldn’t be it. Turns out I just needed the right person to show me the way. Dr. Emery has completely turned my life upside down, but it was exactly what I needed. Trust her and let her guide you. I am happier than I have ever been, and am on my way to creating my dream life and practice. I know this sounds cheesy, but Dr. Emery knows how to help you elevate your energy, change your life, open your eyes to your potential, and really erase all the boundaries you put on yourself."

Dr. Emery has been an anchor of strength for me for the past 2 years. She is the perfect balance of heart and business. She is brilliant, caring and passionate about every small or large ideas that I have. She gives my teams and I honest feedback with such grace and encouragement that we end every single meeting with so much clarity and power.

Thank you Dr. Emery for being the most brilliant, beautiful, and loving, coach one could ask for 💝🙏.

- Dr. Jeni Waeltz

- Dr. Marisabel Olivera

- Rachel Butler

I love Dr. Jessica's energy, I love her passion, I am drawn to her energy! She is such a gift! I am truly WOWed by her leadership and vision!

The only other person I have ever really loved their energy and been drawn to is Tony Robbins! I love her commitment to helping women be their best!

Working with Dr. Jessica Emery has been so fun and motivating. I met Jessica back in 2019 and started following her journey. I absolutely love her energy. She has just a fresh outlook on the world and what it means to be an entrepreneurial woman going after your goals. I have a growing housecall veterinary practice, and Dr. Jessica has been so instrumental in inspiring me to keep dreaming big. It's been such a pleasure being part of her masterclasses and mastermind groups. She has a gift of bringing smart, educated women together, and helping them all believe in what is possible.

“BEST team ever!!! Dental Soiree is ahead of it’s time, they have innovative ideas and service. Unlike every other dental marketing firm out there, Dr. Emery and her team assure all their services are completely customized. They took their time to get to know our practice and we identified specific goals for our marketing plans…The team exceeded all my expectations!!”

"The most value lies in Dr. Emery being SO INVOLVED and engaged with each person in the bootcamp. She followed my accounts and gave such insightful feedback and advice whenever she saw something that could be improved! I never expected to have so many 1-on-1 conversations with Dr. Emery! Those convos and engagements were HUGE in keeping me motivated and improving my social media game."

"We loved working with Jessica!! I had no experience with posting on IG and Jessica as promised held my hand and gave me the confidence to do live posts, know how to create a system that works and she is just pure joy to work with"

Last summer I jumped into a Mastermind with her and it has been lifechanging for me personally and professionally. When I say I jumped in...I jumped in. I had never spent much time or money on personal growth and development prior to my Mastermind. My business is growing, I am happier and my team is truly a team. Words can not convey the energy she brings to my life and the support and confidence she has infused into my life. If you are feeling nudged to jump into one of her programs follow the feelings and DO IT!


You don’t have to hustle to build a successful practice...

I’m Dr. Jessica Emery and I get it. I know you work HARD in your practice and feel like you can’t add anything else to your plate. I was that way, too. 

Over a decade ago, I started my own fee-for-service dental practice in the highly saturated market of Chicago. My practice wasn’t listed on dental insurance plans, so it was up to me to find my own patients. Over the years, I’ve learned that great branding, consistent blogging, and a social media strategy are key to growing a successful practice on auto-pilot. Today, I am proud to say that I ran a seven-figure practice while working less than 24 hours per week… and I want to help you do the same!

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