I'm dr. Jessica Emery

I am a former dentist turned thought leader, speaker, brand builder, content creator, and coach. I am all about designing a life you love and for me, that means having complete confidence in my intuition and what I’m feeling pulled in my soul to do. 

My journey started in dentistry where I fell in love with creating an exemplary patient experience for my luxury boutique dental practice. I scaled my practice to 7-figures as a fee for service practice while working less than 24 hours a week, being a mom to 3 littles, and creating two passion project businesses (that ended up becoming massive entities of their own- Dental Soiree being one of them!)

In 2020, I started getting undeniable signs that it was time for me to step away from dentistry in the sense of being in the practice everyday and instead step into the world of coaching and community building. Because of the trust I have in myself, I was able to move forward without fear. 

I built the Dental Soiree because I am all about bringing the HUMAN back into dentistry and helping you bridge the gap between branding and business in you're own practice so that you attract new patients with ease: I also have a deep found passion for helping business owners not only scale their current business, but uplevel their personal life in the meantime. Because what is the point of working and achieving all of your financial and career goals without getting to enjoy it along the way?

I am here for women like you who have a calling for something bigger and just need a little confidence or direction to get started.

I love coaching self-led women who have a deep connection to their inner GPS.

I am obsessed with opening people’s minds and hearts to the opportunities that are out there. I believe that it’s time for you to stop living someone else’s version of a good life and put YOUR dreams front and center. Trust me, you will amaze yourself.

Always go bigger!

Dr. Jessica


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