From Boring to Brilliant: 8 Meeting Activities for Dental Teams

Dental team meetings are often viewed as a necessary but mundane part of practice management. However, they offer a golden opportunity to not only share vital information but to genuinely engage and motivate your team. If the highlight of your meetings is the coffee and doughnuts, it’s time for a creative overhaul.

The Power of Engaging Meetings:

An engaging meeting can significantly enhance team productivity and morale. By incorporating a variety of activities, you get to understand your team members better—how they prefer to be managed and how they collaborate. This doesn’t just make meetings more enjoyable; it connects your team on a personal level and ensures that critical information is effectively shared.

Eight Activities to Spice Up Your Dental Team Meetings:

  1. Solve a Problem in Reverse: Challenge your team to think differently by brainstorming how to decrease patient appointments. This reverse thinking often uncovers innovative strategies and overlooked aspects of patient attraction and retention.
  2. Patient Story Sharing: Allocate time for team members to share memorable patient interactions. This activity highlights the impact of patient-centric care and fosters a learning environment where successes and challenges are shared.
  3. Coworker Shout Out: Kickstart your meetings with positive vibes by having team members commend a colleague’s recent actions. Recognizing each other’s efforts publicly boosts morale and encourages a culture of appreciation.
  4. A Little Bit of Praise: Begin meetings with everyone sharing something they appreciate about the person to their left. This practice builds a strong team connection and promotes a positive workplace atmosphere.
  5. Mind Map It Out: Tackle problems creatively by using sticky notes for issues and potential solutions. This visual and collaborative approach helps in brainstorming and prioritizing solutions.
  6. Switch Up Roles: Rotate the meeting leadership among team members. This empowers individuals, encourages diverse meeting styles, and identifies potential leaders within your team.
  7. New Places & Times: Break the monotony by changing the meeting’s setting or timing. An afternoon or happy hour meeting can provide a fresh perspective and reenergize daily huddles.
  8. Ask Fun Questions: Integrate fun, unrelated questions into your meetings to learn more about each other in an entertaining way. This can be an excellent ice-breaker and team-building exercise.


Meetings don’t have to be a drab, obligatory part of your dental practice. By introducing these eight activities, you can transform them into engaging, productive experiences that team members look forward to. These strategies not only enhance team dynamics but also ensure that essential information is communicated in a meaningful way.

Remember, these eight ideas are just the start. For those looking to dive even deeper, we’ve put together a comprehensive PDF with 29 engaging meeting activities. Download it now and start revolutionizing your dental team meetings today.

Meetings are the heartbeat of effective team communication and collaboration. By taking the initiative to make them more engaging, you’re investing in your team’s happiness and your practice’s success. Let’s move beyond the mundane and embrace meetings that are not just informative but truly brilliant.

[Download the PDF with 29 Meeting Activities]

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