How To: Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

When you think of Pinterest, you probably think of recipe inspo and DIY projects. While it does those things, it can also be used to market and promote your business!

Pinterest is the perfect source to drive traffic to your business because of the high turnover rate. Here are our tips for utilizing the platform as a marketing tool!

Photography & Graphics

Pinterest is a visual platform, so it’s important that you utilize it correctly. Make sure the photos and graphics you’re uploading are high resolution. You want to make sure they’ll look good on every device! You’ll want to use vertical photos and graphics whenever possible. They stand out better on other user’s feeds.

Business Page vs. Personal Page

Like many other platforms, Pinterest offers business pages with some additional features the normal pages do not have. These include access to analytics (our favorite part!) and the ability to use rich pins and promoted pins!

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins are how Pinterest allows businesses to advertise. Businesses can purchase these ads, and once they’re live, they’ll pop up on users’ feeds like any other pin would. These can help with engagement, driving traffic, and spreading the word about your business!

Mindful Pinning

When pinning on a business page, make sure your pins are relevant to the business. As a dentist, it probably doesn’t make sense to be pinning fashion inspiration photos. Use your personal page for those kinds of posts! Make sure you’re pinning a mixture of original content that you’ve created along with curated content. These original posts can catch the eye of users and drive them to your website and/or business.

Consistency is Key

Just like anything else, posting consistently is extremely important. This will help your pins get discovered and, in turn, grow your following! But, make sure you’re not bombarding your followers with tons of repins at once. Try to repin in small batches more regularly!

Have you seen any success through Pinterest? Let us know!

Until next time,

Team Soiree

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