Dental Soiree Saturdays With Perio Medical

We had the opportunity to spend one of our weekends working with Dr. DeGroot, Dr. Mandelaris, and Dr. Shah of Perio Medical. We started off our Saturday bright and early at 6:30, but couldn’t have been more excited. The Dental Soiree team had coffee in hand, and ready to roll!

Their office is an exquisite eye piece to look at when walking in. Upon entry, you will be amazed that you are even in a medical office. The intricate detail varies from the dark blue walls, up to the beautiful light fixtures, down to every perfectly placed coffee table book. You could over hear some people say that they felt like they were walking into a Ralph Lauren catalog.

We captured exterior shots of their practice, as well as amazing interior. Everything from their sunshine lit waiting room, black and ivory striped bathroom, the Dr.’s personal offices, and down the hallway to their operatories.

Not only are the doctors and staff here so warm and welcoming, but the ambiance of their practice will make you feel like you’re walking into their chic, New York apartment.

Make sure to keep up to date on what the Dental Soiree team is up to next on our social media. We have a busy month ahead, so stay tuned!


Team Soiree

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