Bloguettes 3 Day Workshop!

The dental soiree team had the opportunity to attend an AMAZING 3-day branding workshop held by Bloguettes at the Morgan’s on Fulton space that focused on photoshop, social media for your business, and creative ways to make your brand POP!


Our first day of the workshop, we were greeted with the wonderful creators of Bloguettes, Sakura and Lorena. This great company is Phoneix-based, where they provide consulting and help with brand refreshment. They were both in side projects when they kept referring to one another for advice, until they got a bright idea to create a company that specializes in their talents! And they sure did succeed.

Our adorable goodies from Bloguettes!

Upon entering, we were greeted with a beautiful arrangement of flowers on the tables, as well as adorable little notepads and pens with Bloguettes’ “I don’t need the internet, the internet needs me” saying. We were all set up for success and to begin our workshop that focused on blogging and how it can be utilized. For our lunch break, we had a healthy spread from Left Coast. Everything from salads to wraps, along with an amazing fresh raspberry juice. When the end of day one completed, we were hyped up for the rest of the weekend because even after just this one day, we felt so well informed!


We arrived bright and early with coffee in hand to our second day, and was so excited to get started on social media. Everyone pretty much lives on social media, but how can a business take advantage of it? Over here at dental soiree, we live and breath it! Social media is the lifeline to a lot of businesses and some owners do not realize it. So we were so excited to get an inside glimpse on some really great statistics.


Day 3 arrived and we were so excited because it was Photoshop day! We got a chance to learn the best tips and tricks inside the Adobe program to help us progress further on into the creative world. Even the smallest click of a key changed the way we can be more efficient in the program. Between color changes on a photo, changing backgrounds, to making some fun Instagram photos with the cutest fonts!

Overall the dental soiree team had such a great time hanging out with the Bloguettes, and soaked up so much information! We highly recommend attending one of their workshops, as well as any webinars! They are so insightful.


The soiree Squad

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