Our Favorite Stationary Accessories

Stationary makes the world go round. At least our world.

We admit that here at Dental Soiree, we’re a little stationary obsessed. When I say obsessed, I mean obsessed. We’re always scouring the local stationary shops for the newest and cutest organization solutions along with the best accessories.

Today we’re going to give you the scoop on our go-to office supplies! Don’t blame us when you become stationary obsessed.

Weekly Scheduler: It can be a lifesaver to have a calendar right in the center of your workspace. This desk calendar keeps us on track without getting too overwhelmed because it focuses on one week at a time. The cute, simplistic design makes it a perfect fit for any desk arrangement!

The Tailored Journal: This goes without saying, but notebooks are probably the most important piece of stationary. Where else would you curate your master plan to take over the world or write your grocery list?

Daily Pencil Case: Who says your pens and pencils can’t ride in style too? This simple pencil pouch is perfect to throw all your writing utensils in and bring with you on the go!

Sticky Note Set: These sticky notes make your notes and to-do lists a little more fun!

Journals: Because you can never have too many notebooks.

Pattern Paper Deco Tape: Washi tape is a fun tool when organizing a calendar or sprucing up some work notes! They can help cover up mistakes (because we all make them), without ruining the creation you’re working on. Plus, you can get them in just about any color or pattern!

Let us know what your favorite stationary accessory is!

Until Next Time, 
Dental Soiree

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