The Best Apps For Organization

Sometimes we need some assistance when trying to get organized. We are in living in the 21st century people; let’s use technology to assist us! Today we’ll be sharing our favorite apps that keep us organized on the reg!

Asana is great when trying to keep a team on track. When creating a project, users are able to assign project specific tasks to others. Teammates can make comments on assignments, create event invitations, and put together master calendars on a project by project basis!

Asana lets you take control of how you want to use the app. You are able to customize how you view things to make it perfectly personalized for your needs! Users can also create personal to-do lists that are private from other users. This can be useful when making personal goals!

If you’re anything like us, you love a good to-do list! MinimaList is the perfect solution for planning on the go. The simple design makes it simple to use & easy on the eyes!

If you don’t already have enough on your to-do list, MinimaList can give you spontaneous tasks to do throughout the day (they’re always a fun surprise!).

It’s also the perfect app for those days where you can’t seem to focus on anything. MinimaList allows you to set timers for certain tasks to keep you focused!

Keeper is a lifesaver here at the Dental Soiree HQ! With so many social media profiles and business accounts, it can be a challenge to remember the passwords for everything. Keeper allows users to store their private passwords in a space that is protected by a PIN and/or thumbprint. This saves us on the daily when we’re scrambling to remember our login info!

Have you tried any of these apps? Let us know what your favorite organization tools are! We are always on the lookout for additional sidekicks!

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