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If you’re anything like us, you must be obsessed with all things stationary! With Spring’s arrival, we’ve been in organization overload. While attempting to get our ducks in a row, we’ve been using a variety of planners and agendas to keep everything organized! Today we’ll be giving you the rundown of some of our planner picks!

Our Picks

Rifle Paper Co 2018 Herb Garden Everyday 17-Month Planner: Rifle Paper Co. is one of our favorite planner brands because of their classic look! Each page is setup in a simple manner, so you can decide how to organize your to-dos. The unique cover designs are always beautiful, too!

Ban.do Holographic 17-Month Medium Agenda: Ban.do planners are probably the most fun form of organization! The quirky stickers and creative page dividers make planning out your days/weeks/months a little more exciting! If you look closely enough, you might even catch a funny joke or two!

Sugar Paper The Agenda Chambray: If you want to step up your planner game, The Agenda from Sugar Paper is for you! The professional look is perfect for all the busy bees out there!

1Canoe2 2018 Wise Words Blue Floral Planner: We first stumbled upon 1Canoe2 at Anthropologie a few years back, and have been in love ever since! Their planners are heavy-duty without compromising the aesthetic or function of the product. Their pages are laid out beautifully, making it easy to plan your tasks out!

Leuchtturm A5 Medium Dotted Notebook: The Leuchtturm A5 Dotted notebook is the perfect solution for those of you who love a to-do list. We love drawing out sections throughout the notebook to give it a planner-like feel without the restriction of the permanent lines. Click herehere, and here for some inspiration on how to set up your journal!

What are your favorite planners to use? Let us know!

Until next time,
Team Soiree

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