Networking Event Round Up: KNW Media & Tapser

Networking events in your local community can become a huge advantage for you and your company. Especially when you live in an amazing city such as Chicago. 

The tech world in general is filled with entrepreneurscreative minds, and artists in all different aspects. Everyone has their own special way of looking at a piece of paper, website design, and even code. And it is a great opportunity to meet others and possible get some connections that can benefit your company. You’re able to talk about your business, network with potential new clients, or even set up a partnership. So many options when you decide to put you and your company out there. 

Chicago has options beyond options for networking around this beautiful city. The dental soiree team is always excited to jump in and meet other creative minds that love the same thing as we do! 

Paxton, our Creative Project Manager, had a chance to attend a great networking event that was put on by KNW Media. It was a Chicago startup tech networking mixer that was held at a really neat location called Tapster. 

Tapster is a one of a kind hang out spot where you head to the hostess stand when you first arrive, hand over a credit card, and they give you what looks like a hotel room key. That key is connected to your personal credit card. You head over to a large wall that what looks around 20 different types of wines, ciders, and beer. You place your key card on to whichever beverage you choose, and tap your own beer. You can do as little or as much as you’d like. And once finished pouring your own drink, it tells you how much you will be charged on your tab. 

Not sure of where to find networking events? Head over to to see whats going on! There you will be able to look at all the events coming up in your city.

What have been some of your favorite networking events? Let us know!

Until next time,
The Soiree Squad.

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