Favorite Summer Tech Accessories

As of yesterday, the summer season has officially begun! This means it’s the perfect time to update your tech collection. Today, we’ll be sharing our favorite summer tech accessories for the season!

iPhone Smart Battery Case: If you’re anything like us, your summer calendar is booked to the max! This Apple iPhone case saves our (phone’s) life while we’re on the go. The built-in battery will keep your phone charged at all times!

Sonix iPhone Case: Summer is a great excuse to shake up your phone case game! This floral case from Sonix is a fun pick to match your summer wardrobe!

Solar Portable Charger: As you can tell, we’re always interested in keeping our devices fully charged! This charger option from Anthropologie comes in a keychain form and runs off of the sun! Place this little guy in the sunshine for a bit, and you’ll have a portable charger ready for you to take just about anywhere!

Mobile Fan: This mobile fan may seem a little frivolous, but trust us! If you’re out on a hike or strutting around the city, this fan that is powered by your cell phone will cool you off in no time! Added bonus? It will hardly take up any space in your bag or wallet!

Raden A22 Suitcase: This right here is the mother of all suitcases. The Raden A22 Carry-On suitcase is both sleek in design and also incredibly practical! It’s best feature? It includes a USB port that allows you to charge your phone or tablet while on the go!

Instax Smartphone Printer: Don’t let those summer memories hangout in the cloud forever! The Instax Smartphone Printer allows you to print your party snaps within seconds to display or hand out to friends.

Benks Charger Adapter & Earphone Converter: The iPhone 7 had some great updates, but the main complaint has been the removal of the headphone jack. This adapter gives you both the charging port and the headphone jack! Now you can continue listening to your music while simultaneously charging your phone!

What are some of your tech must-haves for the summer?

Until next time,
Team Soiree

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