Fun Ways To Take Photos Inside Your Dental Practice

We’ve touched on some of the benefits of quality photos before, but it bears repeating: a picture is worth a thousand words. 

This is as true in dentistry as it is in any other aspect of life.

Decent photographs show people what your dental office looks like; great photographs invite them in. Marketing now days has a very visual aspect. Quality images helps people feel familiar with you, your staff, and your dental practice before they have even called to schedule their first appointment.

3 fun ways to take photographs inside your practice

Professional Branding Photos

Your branding photos tell your brand story the way you want it to tell it. Show your personality. Your professional branding images showcase your unique personality. You can use them in a variety of ways throughout your website, social media and marketing efforts.

You can use your dental practice as a backdrop and location for a professional branding photoshoot, show your favorite place to work in the practice and your office.

Make sure that you play some fun music during your shoot and use some dental themed props like these

Team Member Photos

Developing a connection with your potential patients can help you to increase your conversion rate. While there are quite a few ways to do this, one pretty effective strategy is by making your website and social media more “humanized”. Essentially, by showing the actual people behind your practice, you can increase trust and engagement among potential patients.

Displaying images of yourself and your team is a great way of showing who you are as a company. These are much more than just photographs – they are a marketing tool. When someone is looking up a product or service, being able to actually see the people who they will potentially be interacting with naturally draws them in. It adds that human element that would otherwise be missing from a website or a social media page with just a load of words.

Taking photos with your team should be and can be fun. While you are at it, make sure you get all sorts of holiday photos as well! 

Here are just a few examples:

  • National holidays
  • Team events
  • Birthdays

By empowering your team members to be the photographers, you will be sure to always have new content on hand!

Behind The Scenes 

Lastly, talk about taking more casual, behind the scenes photos and how to make this fun. 

You can use your photography to reveal the behind the scenes of your practice. Show your patients what it would be like for them to visit your dental practice. 

You can show each process of your business and walk them through each stage so they would know what to expect if they booked in with you. 

Remember to take photos of you and your team while you are working and behind the scenes photos before or after hours. Things like end of week cheers and favorite snacks also make a fun behind the scenes shot.

Here are three steps that you can use to start taking photos today:

  • Ask a team member to take a few photos of you performing your favorite procedure. 
  • Schedule a branded photo shoot at your practice for a day coming up.
  • Have an internal contest amongst your team members for who can take the most creative photos inside your practice and then use those photos for social media and print them out to display inside the office.

For more fun, dental content to mix into your photos have a look at Content Club where you will get a month’s worth of photos, captions and hashtags every month and a HUGE vault full of content to use!

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