How to sell with LOVE

In dentistry, it can often be considered one of the hardest aspects of the profession.  SELLING.  

As you know, Dr. Emery created Sugar Fix Dental Loft completely from the ground up.  She did not have an established client base, she had to market herself and her services in such a way that she was able to build up her clientele.  

Dr. Emery loved dentistry so much (much like many other dentists) and she poured her entire life savings (and then some!) into developing Sugar Fix Dental Loft.  Through all of the blood, sweat, tears, and JOYS, Dr. Emery found that the best way to sell dentistry to her patients that needed or wanted something she offered, was through LOVE!  Of course direct education and x-rays/scans are imperative to educated the patient on their oral health needs, but by establishing love with her patients, Dr. Emery was able to grow her practice to one of the top cosmetic practices in Chicago!   

The beginning of the pathway for Dr. Emery to selling with love, began by her identifying the beliefs that were holding her back from selling.  Her ego happily stepped in & tried to break her down with fear of not being good enough, imposter syndrome, etc.  To combat that, she had to create new beliefs that she KNEW would serve herself as well as her patients.  That took some time, but with consistency & investing in herself, she found that she could overcome those limiting beliefs!  She got clear on the transformation that her services could create for other people.  A really great read for her was, “Get Out of Your Own Way” by Goulston and Goldburg. 

And THIS is when she became VISIBLE.  She started showing up on IG, FB, and Pinterest.  This was her first starting point and truly the most crucial to her practice’s immense growth.  By consistently showing up on the platforms, day after day, people began to notice her as an authority in the industry.  Potential patients would see her on social media and would recognize that she could make a difference in their smiles and in their lives.  They wanted that from her.   

Once people discovered her on social media, she needed to engage with them.  She did this by continually showing them who she was,  what she was all about, what she had to offer that other dentists didn’t. Potential patients would send DMs, so needed to be responsive to them.  Additionally, when comments were made on her posts, she needed to engage with those as well!  When she showed up as her true self, people believed her and learned to understand her WHY.  Simon Sinek’s book, “Start With Why” is a tremendously helpful read. 

And this is where the LOVE comes in.  She was ready to sell and to sell with love because through her consistency, she unknowingly helped to move people to buying decisions.  Dr. Emery was able to create a very simple, natural call-to-action across all of her social media platforms.  People sought her out because of the consistency and creativity and credibility she showed to the world!  She created an amazing buying experience from being visible, engaging, and was able to sell with love knowing she was truly changing lives!

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