Products that Create an Amazing Experience for your Patients

The most common thing dentists hear from their patients is that they are terrified of coming to the dentist!  This is THE LAST thing dentists want to hear and are constantly striving to help their patients overcome. Products that Create an Amazing Experience can help!

When Dr. Emery created her former dental practice, one of her primary goals was to procure not only the BEST equipment, but also “creature comforts” for her guests.  Here are some ideas of physical products that she incorporated into her practice that not only comforted her guests, kept them coming back for more, and also inspired her guests to recommend her dental practice to others!  Here is a link to examples of many of these items.

  1. Cashmere blankets/weighted blankets:  What a luxurious, gorgeous accoutrement to your dental experience.  We suggest having many on-hand so that they can be dry-cleaned often.  Additionally, we also like to have a weighted blanket on-hand (not everyone likes these, but they are a wonderful option for guests that like to feel “grounded” or have slight pressure.  It helps to alleviate some anxiety.  The one that we selected on our wish list above has a removable cover- this is excellent to have several on-hand again to be able to clean them as necessary.  According to Healthline, deep pressure stimulation uses pressure to relax the nervous system. It models the experience of being held or hugged. This practice may help relieve the perception of pain and relieve symptoms of anxiety.
  1. Hand fidget/stress ball:  When in the dental chair, guests often feel anxious and need something to do with their hands.  Stress balls or fidgets are a GREAT way for patients to satisfy that feeling. tells us that stress produces tension in the body, and use of a stress ball or hand-fidget will help alleviate that tension, ultimately providing a more relaxed dental experience for your guest!
  2. Neck pillow that can be warmed up:  What a gorgeous option to give your guests and is yet another way to help them alleviate stress.  You simply warm up the neck pillow in the microwave, cover the pillow with a disposable wrap for cleanliness between guest use.   
  3. Bose noise canceling headphones (Bluetooth/wireless):  Dr. Emery truly created the ultimate guest experience for her patients.  She had monitors that connected to her computer to be able to show the patient their x-rays or scans, etc. , but also provided them the opportunity to have noise-canceling headphones to be able to watch something on Netflix if they so chose!    
  4. Scented towelettes that can be warmed up:  Ideally, these would be offered to your guests at the conclusion of their appointment.  They provide such a nice touch for the guest to wipe off their face or lips after their procedure is complete.  
  5. Yon-ka face mist: Offering your guests a small mist allows the aromatherapy to invigorate your guest  but also energizes their skin, leaving them feeling refreshed and ready to tell others about their amazing experience at your dental practice!
  6. Lip salve:  Lastly, a small amount of lip salve applied once the guest is laying down is such a gorgeous upgrade to their already amazing experience!  A high-quality lip salve is imperative for a more luxurious experience.  

Lastly, here is a playlist that our team created  to help you get in the mood to sort out which creature comforts you’ll be incorporating into your dental practice!!

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