Pinterest For Your Dental Practice

The power of social media implemented into your marketing strategy is HUGE! 
Consistency in posting on Facebook and Instagram are crucial to reach potential patients. 
But did you know that pinning on Pinterest is a HUGE opportunity that many dental practices overlook.  

Back when Dr. Emery owned Sugar Fix Dental Loft in Chicago (in a heavily saturated market), she found that Pinterest really moved the needle in her business!  All of the blog articles that she posted for Sugar Fix went into their own “pins.”  By doing this, she drove even more traffic to her website (which is GREAT for SEO)

It’s important for dental offices to provide new and relevant or educational information for their patients and potential patients.  Dental practices can add to their specific pinning categories that they themselves enjoy (which could in turn attract like-minded future patients!) as well as educational information for their patients.  

“Hopefully other Pinterest members will repin your content as far as possible, which will enhance your visibility exponentially.” 

Pinterest is a really cool social platform because by using it, it organically increases your brand awareness, “Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool with the ability to help you organically increase brand awareness, boost conversions, increase sales, and create long-lasting relationships with your target audience and buyer personas.”   Using Pinterest in your dental marketing allows you to showcase areas of expertise for you, as well as driving traffic back to your website, which is priceless in helping to generate leads and potential conversions.  Even more importantly, it helps to “humanize” your brand- which we all know in the world of dentistry is HUGELY important!!!  Just FYI- Pinterest users have the highest purchase intent of any other social media users.

We encourage you to really utilize this platform to help promote your dental practice!  

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