Why Branded Photoshoots Are Essential

In this day and age, establishing your brand is immensely important!  So many cities are saturated with dental practices, how are you going to attract new patients?  Why would someone choose your dental practice over the countless others?  

Now is the time to create a strong brand!  Utilize social media DAILY and consistently!  We field a lot of questions from dentists that are frustrated because they say social media isn’t working for them.  However, upon further inspection of their social media accounts, we see that they post very inconsistently (if at all). Posting 1x a month is NOT going to move the needle!  Nothing is going to work for you if you don’t put the work in!!  Then dentists realize they don’t have enough content to fill in their social media with!!  

That’s where we come in!  Dental soiree conducts branded photoshoots like no other!  Once hired, we kick into high gear!  Gathering all kinds of info on the practice- fonts, colors, company values, areas of specialty for the practice, etc. We have found that the dental practices that doctors that consistently post on their social media with personalized images generate higher new patient guests. Additionally, brand trust & recognition are established when you post brand photos & post them consistently.  

Most photographers offer a certain number of photos for a package price.  When dental soiree comes in for a photoshoot- we take the whole practice over by storm.  We shoot nearly every square inch of the practice, team, and most especially the doctor.  We start shooting the minute we arrive & continue to shoot through every look & we truly don’t stop until we leave!  (sometimes even shooting while on the way or even at the airport!)  To say that dental soiree over-delivers is an understatement!  Every client we have ever conducted a photo shoot with is delivered with MUCH more brand-focused content.

We understand that hiring dental soiree for a photo shoot is certainly an investment.  The ROI comes when you utilize our content (and re-use/re-purpose the content for months & years afterwards) on all of your social media platforms as well as on your website (good-bye stale stock images!) and all throughout your marketing materials!  

Here are some important photoshoot tips we’d like to share with you that are standards for dental soiree:

  1. Clean the practice from top to bottom. 
    This includes vacuuming the corners & ceilings of all cobwebs, cleaning streaks from windows, lamps, etc.  The camera picks up everything.
  2. Clear off all countertops.
    The clutter is a negative to anyone looking at your practice!
  3. Add bouquets (even small ones) of fresh flowers all throughout the practice, even in the operatories. 
    They smell nice, look amazing, and help people relax.  

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