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I know it’s a tired old saying at this point, but in order to avoid burnout and more specifically, social media fatigue, you really do have to work smarter and not harder. Sure, you could try to post brand new content every day on all your single social media channels but is that even a good strategy?

I have yet to see any proof that shows that creating new content for each channel pays off. This is why one of my favorite strategies to avoid social media fatigue is repurposing content across my social media channels… and beyond! I’ll explain what I mean.

Repurposing Content 101

If you’re going to put in the work to create a piece of content, you want to make sure it gets SEEN and APPRECIATED. Organic engagement rates are lower than ever because social media sites want to push people to pay money to boost posts and get more engagement. So, if you want to get the views and you don’t want to pay for them, you have to be smart about maximizing your content!

At first, repurposing content might seem like a way to cheat the system, but I promise, it’s not. All you’re doing is reworking your own existing, high-quality content and presenting it in a different form on new channels. 

So, I don’t take the exact same photo, copy, and hashtags that I use on Instagram and post it on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. But, if something performs well on Instagram, I might take the imagery and repost it on Facebook with a different message and maybe one or two hashtags rather than 10 or 12.

Similarly, if I make a TikTok video that is getting engagement, I might repurpose that video content as an Instagram Reel because I know I have a different audience that follows me on Instagram and they might not see the content if I only stream it to my TikTok followers.

Here are some ideas of ways you can start repurposing content today to save yourself from feeling the dreaded social media fatigue!

1 – Repurpose Your Blog Posts

This one is one of my favorites. Your blog posts have some REALLY good nuggets of information in them, and I guarantee that every blog post you have could easily be turned into a dozen different infographics or an awesome TikTok or Reel.

Pull out the best bits of content or a quote and make some branded graphics using Canva. Or, you can create a few slides in Canva that are sized appropriately for Instagram Stories and let people tap through to get your tips!

These are just some ways to repurpose blog content, but let your imagination run wild and come up with some new ways to share the same content. 

2 – Screenshot It

This is one of the easiest ways to repurpose your own content. Did you just post a really great tweet? Take a screenshot, crop it, and post it to Instagram with a caption and a few targeted hashtags. Did you get an awesome review on Google? Take a screenshot and share it to Instagram Stories with a cute heart sticker (be sure to white out the person’s last name and any other identifying information). 

Don’t let overwhelm prevent you from creating authentic content. Use the tools you already have at your disposal (like that handy screenshot function on your phone) to create great content on the fly!

3 – Revisit Something Again

When you post something on social media, it really is at the mercy of the algorithms. So, if your followers aren’t regularly engaging with your content already, or they don’t pop onto their apps every few hours, they will probably miss your post altogether. If you ever check your analytics, you know that just a small percentage of your followers will see your posts, which I’ll admit, is a bit of a bummer. But, that’s the name of the social media game!

If you spent a lot of time on a really great infographic or video, there’s no shame in sharing it again a few months later. Just pair a new caption with it and if applicable, throw some new hashtags in the mix. Just because you posted it once already doesn’t mean it has to be discarded forever.

Even if someone ends up seeing the same thing twice—or even three times—I promise, they’re not going to unfollow you. In fact, the reminder might be exactly what they need on that day!

4 – Reuse Images and Videos

Is there an image that you love and want to use again in a different way? Put a quote on top of it! This is a great (and super easy) way to get more life out of a photo you really like. Just drop the photo into Canva and play around with overlaying your brand color and then adding text on top of the overlay.

P.S. If you’re a beginner at graphic design, don’t panic. There are lots of templates already in there (just search for “quote” in the templates section) and literally all you have to do is swap out the photo, text, and colors. 

You can do something similar with video content you love. Clip it and share a short snippet of the video on your Instagram Stories or on your LinkedIn page. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can turn your video clip into a fun GIF (we have a mini course that goes over how to do this in the Content Club).

Don’t let those photos and videos you love sit there unused. Give them new life and share them again with your followers!

Now Get Out There & Repurpose Your Content!

I hope this post gave you a lot of ideas in regards to repurposing content for social media. It is one of the best ways I’ve found to avoid social media fatigue because your content can stretch further, which means you can spend less time creating brand new content. 

If you want to save even more time, join us in the Content Club! As a member, you get a monthly content bundle that includes 30 images, 30 captions, and 30 hashtag sets that you can just copy, paste, and post. Click here to join this awesome and supportive community!

Also, we are about to launch a brand new course, Dentalgram™ Academy! It will outline the exact Success Path I used to build a 7 figure Fee-For-Service dental practice utilizing the power of Instagram™ and it’s PERFECT for beginners! Click here to get on our waitlist and find out as soon as we officially open our doors!


It has been such a whirlwind of months and months building our brand new dental soiree Members Club! I have had this vision of a way to bring everyone together into one spot to serve in such a greater way for years and this Members Club is truly the culmination of everything I have done up to this point. 

My dream was to combine our amazing Soiree Stock bundles into a monthly digital “magazine” issue. In each issue there will be one topic and video mini course that teaches a new technique or Instagram feature. In addition, there would need to be a private Facebook group where I could do live video Q&A sessions and hot seats as we go.

So, we started building out the bones of the Members Club and of course, as with anything I touch, it got bigger and better as we went on. We added a robust five-step success path that will live inside the club that walks you through everything Instagram. It’s seriously like an entire bootcamp that you can pop in and work on whenever you have some free time. 

Which leads us to the real reason we went all in on this idea. We believe there shouldn’t be a huge barrier for entry for dentists to participate in social media. I have been there myself, and I’ve had to do a LOT of self-guided learning and I’ve invested heavily (and I mean heavily) on so many courses, workshops, masterminds, and conferences over the years.

There’s nothing I want more than to save other dentists from the same experience. I know first-hand how busy our days get and the last thing you have time to do is teach yourself how to market your practice online or attend these intensive meetups. 

My dream for the dental soiree Members Club all along was simplicity. I want there to be one place where you can go to get all of the help you need to create content for the month. You get all your images, captions, hashtags, prompts, how-to’s, challenges, and education in one spot. You can consume it all or you can just copy and paste the content we give you. Whatever you have time for!

My biggest thing is you just have to start. You decide what it is you want and go after it. Do you want a practice that constantly feeds your big dreams and fuels your lifestyle? Or do you want to hustle and hustle only to stay small? Yes we are dentists, but we have BUSINESSES that need new patients constantly. Instagram has brought and continues to bring me SO many patients and I want to teach you exactly how I do it. 

The big thing about the Members Club is that it was built so that it can be hugely beneficial to  dentists, no matter where they are in their social media journey. If you’re a true beginner or more of an advanced user, you’ll be able to jump into the success path where you are. Then, every month we will keep giving you content, inspiration, and education so that you keep going strong. 

I hear excuses all the time, but the world won’t stop and wait for you, as we all learned this year. You have to be savvy and kind of scrappy to keep thriving, even during good years! I want to arm you with everything you need to do that, using the power and influence of social media platforms like Instagram.

We recently opened the doors and are so excited to see people signing up and seeing the immense value in this monthly membership!!

You can click here to learn more or join the dental soiree Member’s Club for the special introductory price of $197/month. If you’re reading this blog post after the doors have closed, don’t worry. We will be opening them again so be sure to follow my Instagram page for updates on that and our other offerings!


One of our absolute FAVORITE things to do here at dental soiree are our branded photoshoots! We love getting to know dentists and their teams, and we especially love it when we get to travel to their practice to take all kinds of photo and video content of their dental home!

Dr. Emery is also a fan of doing photoshoots for herself every year or so. It gives her TONS of fresh content to use all over her social media channels, websites, marketing materials, ads, etc. We thought it would be super fun to take you behind the scenes of her latest one so you can see what the process is like!

Here are some awesome videos we got of Dr. Emery’s 2019 photoshoot!

Dental Soiree Photoshoots: A Behind the Scenes Look

In this video, Dr. Emery models the most eye-catching outfit of the day! This one is ALL about smiles, which is kind of what she’s come to be known for.

For this look, Dr. Emery changes into a cozy pink sweater for some photos with fun, heart-shaped balloons!

In this video, you get to see Dr. Emery’s husband and her adorable kids join the fun while Dr. Emery gets some photos on the steps of the lakeside mansion.

You can see the rest of the videos from this amazingly fun shoot over on our YouTube channel. If 2020 is the year you want to step up your content, we are here to help! We have several openings for branded photoshoots in the first quarter of the year, and we also have our Dental Branded Bootcamp launching soon! It’s a great way to learn how to market your practice so you can make more and work less!

dental soiree photoshoots pinterest image


The new year is right around the corner… can you believe it?? Before 2019 comes to an end, I would love for you to participate in this quick end-of-year dental marketing assessment with me! I put this together to help you reflect on your year. It brings back all kinds of Seventeen magazine nostalgia for me, and I hope it does for you, too!

After taking this assessment, I hope that you will think about your dental marketing goals for 2020. After examining what worked, what didn’t work, and what got pushed to the backburner, you will be able to see where you might need to invest more time and resources moving forward.

Ready to dive in?

End-of-Year Dental Marketing Assessment

  1. This year, I posted consistently on social media for my practice.
    1. Yes, I posted at least three times a week! (3 points)
    2. I posted occasionally but I probably need to do more. (2 points)
    3. I really didn’t post that much. (1 point)
  2. This year, I focused on my SEO by upgrading my site and blogging regularly.
    1. Yes, I am all about that SEO life! (3 points)
    2. It was important to me, but it didn’t happen as regularly as I hoped. (2 points)
    3. I meant to do it, but I didn’t 😬 (1 point)
  3. I did a great job of showing up online by sharing photos of myself and doing video content, e.g. live streams, Instagram Stories, and/or YouTube content. 
    1. I’ve basically got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame now! (3 points)
    2. I did a little of that (and overcame my fear of showing my face online). (2 points)
    3. I know I need to do this but this year, it just didn’t happen. (1 point)
  4. I sent out emails to my patients that were more than just appointment reminders.
    1. Yep, I did that 🤗 (3 points)
    2. I sent out one or two emails. (2 points)
    3. I did not do any kind of email marketing whatsoever. (1 point)
  5. When it comes to prioritizing dental marketing for my practice, I rate myself a/an ____ on a scale of 1-10…
    1. 8-10 (3 points)
    2. 4-7 (2 points)
    3. 1-4 (1 point)

Okay, let’s see how you did!

12-15 Points

You’re a dental marketing rockstar, and you know what you need to be doing to stand out online! Keep doing what you’re doing, but always be thinking of new ways to innovate. It’s easy to let things slip, especially when we get busy. Always think about how to incorporate new trends, technology, and hashtags into your content. Use new, competitive keywords when blogging and make sure your website is always up to date, fast, and gorgeous. 

If you want to invest in your practice, we would suggest the Dental Branding Bootcamp! This isn’t a 101 course, it’s for people who want to level up their dental branding using tools like paid advertising, great storytelling, and in-practice productivity hacks!

9-12 Points

For the most part, you know what you need to do to market your practice, but obstacles are standing in your way. In the new year, let’s work on eliminating those obstacles! If you are low on time, consider investing in done-for-you social media bundles. You can have content to post every day without having to come up with the captions, hashtags and photos all by yourself.

You also might want to consider outsourcing your blog writing and website upgrades to a contractor or agency. We always think we have time for these things, but dentistry is no joke and often, we don’t even have enough time for the things we actually enjoy doing!

5-8 Points

It’s totally okay to be a little lost when it comes to dental marketing. Whether you just need to brush up on dental marketing basics or you just need to find the right tools to get you started, we’re here to help! You can pick our brains anytime over on our social media feeds. 

We also have openings for branded photoshoots in the first quarter of 2020! This is a great way to get tons of amazing photography of you, your practice, your team, and more. You’ll always have something to post, and we’ll give you lots of pointers for using the content all over… not just on social media. 

Do you have questions about dental marketing? We’re here to help! Contact us anytime or find us on social media @dentalsoiree! 


If you’re following us on social media or signed up to receive our emails, you know that last week, we opened up pre-registration for our new Dental Branding Bootcamp, which is launching in January 2020! We are SO excited to share this incredible bootcamp with the world.

As you probably know, we’ve done mini online courses before, and of course, we’ve done some in-person workshops here in Chicago, but we’ve never done a bootcamp! It’s been on Dr. Emery’s bucket list for YEARS and we are so so so excited that we’re finally going to be launching it in just a few short weeks (as of the time we’re writing this post). 

So, why did we want to do this? A few big reasons, actually…

Why Create a Dental Branding Bootcamp?

Reason #1 – Dentists Need All The Materials In One Place

This is the thing we’re most excited about when it comes to the Dental Branded Bootcamp. It’s literally everything you need to run a successful practice. It goes way beyond social media marketing (although that stuff is in there because it’s soooo important). Dr. Emery discusses her tips for having successful and productive team meetings, how to outsource tasks to team members and get great results, how to run a profitable FFS practice, and SO much more. 

You don’t want to have to buy a bunch of individual courses or go looking for these materials on the internet, filtering through other people’s blog posts to find the little nuggets of wisdom. We wanted it to be a one stop shop for busy dentists who just want to know what they need to do to attract more patients to their practice.

Reason #2 – Dentists Need To Dive Even Deeper

Like we mentioned above, social media marketing is awesome, but with algorithms changing all the time, it’s becoming clear that we can’t just rely on these free sites to market our dental services. We need to also understand email marketing, blogging, storytelling, video marketing and all of the other avenues of branding that are going to help you meet your goals. 

We’ve created social media courses in the past, and we think they’re still super valuable, especially if you struggle with what to post and how to use the apps, but we knew we wanted to dive way deeper. That’s why we created this super intensive, super value-packed branding bootcamp. 

Reason #3 – Dentists Need Advice From One Of Their Own

Of course, we’re not the first to create a branding bootcamp. We know that you have options when it comes to learning these things, but here’s the deal: dentists need advice from someone who really gets it. Dentistry is unlike any other industry out there. It is SO important that you learn branding from someone who really knows the ins and outs (and the MANY unique challenges) of running a dental practice.

If you’re going to spend money on this information, you might as well spend it on a bootcamp that was made specifically for dentists, by a dentist. You don’t want to have to do the additional mental work of taking the generic branding advice you get in another bootcamp and trying to make it work for dentistry. We knew there was a need for continuing education on dental branding specifically. 

As we continue to run our practices, we’re facing new challenges all the time. It’s important to stay abreast of all of the new technology, techniques, and updates as it relates to dental branding. You can work fewer hours while making more money, you just have to know how to brand and market your practice, and how to create an AMAZING experience for your patients as well as your team.

If this sounds like something you need, we’d love to see you inside the bootcamp! It doesn’t officially launch until January, but you can pre-register anytime by clicking here!